March 8, 2006

Cheap drum trigger for your modular...

by Chris Randall

Robert Trelease just posted the following on the Blacet list. I thought it might be interesting to those of you that have modulars but aren't on that list:

The Blacet 2225 I/O works great for producing analog percussion and
bell sounds with inexpensive professional drum triggers.

I've gotten great results from a Pintech RS-5T drum trigger (~$23)
mounted on a 6" Remo Practice Pad (~$13). The TT3 trigger trap
bracket had to be slightly modified (end tab cut off) to fit the
practice pad. The trigger output is a 1/4" jack, making for easy
cable connection to the I/O.

Best results were obtained with 100X amplification on the I/O 2225,
with gain and level set for reliable triggers and gating. It was
easy to set the levels for stick or hand drum play (way simpler than
on my Yamaha DD-5 digital drums).

Here's a link to the trigger at Musician's Friend. Any ol' practice pad should work.




Mar.09.2006 @ 12:07 PM
It's common knowledge that with a $3 Radio Shack piezo sensor, you can build your own drum triggers. I made a pair of yogurt-container triggers and they worked really well, someday I want to do up a whole practice pad set (like this guy: link []">link []) and hook it up to a MIDI drum brain so I can trigger soft synths with them. But yeah, if you google "DIY piezo drum trigger", there's a wealth of information about them.

Mar.09.2006 @ 12:26 PM
brandon daniel
Yeah, about ten years ago some friends and I built some DIY trigger pads out of scrap plastic, scrap metal, piezos taken from a $5 kids drum toy, and old mouse pads. 'ardcore.



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