August 25, 2005

Rub a dub dub...

by Chris Randall

You can always tell when Audio Damage is nearing the end of a release cycle, as I hardly ever post. That'll continue to be the case for the next couple days, so sit tight...



Aug.25.2005 @ 6:40 PM
I just want to say, I recently got Ronin but I'm still going to grab the DubStation the minute it drops. I use simple delays a lot and usually rely on Logic's Tape Delay plugin (when I'm not using a real outboard tape echo). It's convenient and synced and everything but lacks the magic. Lately I've been using Ronin instead, just set up with simple delay settings, and it really satisfies. I'm looking forward to having a simpler "version" as my go-to delay plugin (and the UI looks awesome too). Keep up the great work!

Aug.26.2005 @ 10:06 AM
Adam Schabtach
Blinkman -- thanks for the vote of confidence and the kind words. We're pretty tickled with DubStation and I think that it delivers just what you're looking for: a simpler delay that still has the Ronin flair (and it's convenient and synced).

(less-loquacious AD officer)




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