February 23, 2006

Word For The Day: agonistic

by Chris Randall

The Sweetwater Word For The Day never fails to make me chuckle. Usually, it's something like "Bi-Directional" or "AES/EBU" or "Nyquist Limit." Rarely is it an actual single word, which is why I've always thought it should be "vaguely music-related term for the day," although I suppose that doesn't really roll off the tongue in the same manner, at least not in English. I bet the Japanese have a single word that means "vaguely music-related term for the day," and can also mean "tuna that is maybe a little more gamey than I'd like" because Japanese is a context-sensitive language like that.

However, today I see a chink in the armor. The Sweetwater Word For The Day is dovetail, of all things. They go on to say that it's a common method for joining a guitar neck to a body for set-in necks in acoustics. I have two questions:

1) Who doesn't know what a dovetail joint is?

2) Has Sweetwater reached the end of their 4th Edition Of Vaguely Music-Related Terms In English?


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Feb.23.2006 @ 4:13 AM
I think we should start reader-submitting words of the day:

I'll start:

Red: A colour, sometimes used for patch-cables to distinguish them from patch-cables of different colours. Also used to decorate synthesizers created by the Clavia company of Sweden. Interestingly, guitars which adopt red colouring tend to have significantly higher output levels than guitars using other colours.

Wire: Wire is thin, long bits of metal. It is used inside may musical instruments. On a guitar, the strings are constructed from wire. Inside a synthesizer, and the majority of studio outboard equipment, wire is used to pass signals from one component to the next. Silicon chips are really just lots of little tiny bits of wire made from silicon inside a plastic box, held up on legs made from more wire. Many audio cables use wire.




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