August 24, 2005

A New High In Low...

by Chris Randall

Tacky, tacky, tacky. Open Labs, makers of the NeKo OpenSynth (you know, that honkin' big AMD-based computer with a keyboard built in) have been sending this press release around. I don't normally print press releases, but I thought I would make an exception in this regard:

Open Labs (, which built the first Windows-based keyboard workstation in 2003, is one of a number of innovative synthesizer manufacturers that trace their lineage, if not their inspiration, to Bob Moog.


Open Labs CEO, Victor Wong, chief architect Craig Negoescu, and chief technology officer Lary Cotten are all available for comment on Bob Moog's passing.

I mean, come on. I know that one of the cardinal rules of running a business is to send out a press release every time your CFO has a bowel movement, but I'm afraid I have to draw the line at this. I had previously thought this company was kind of cool in a weird sort of way, but, I mean, fuck...



Aug.25.2005 @ 1:14 AM
Actually this is great news. When I learned of Moog's death my first thought was "Gosh, I wonder if Open Labs CEO Victor Wong, chief architect Craig Negoescu, and chief technology officer Lary Cotten will be available for comment on this." It's nice to know they're there for us.



Aug.25.2005 @ 9:38 AM
what i want to know is victor available to comment on this blog? that is the real question...

Sep.14.2005 @ 5:09 PM
Hi, Craig Negoescu here to comment.

Sorry if you've taken the press release wrong. I don't know enough to comment thoroughly on it- We have very proactive press people, and sometimes they get too overzealous.

As for the writer of this commentary above, I can only speak for myself. Bob was a friend and personal hero of mine. I started programming at 13 on a Moog in 1976, and ever since those days of programming and listening to Tomita doing insanely cool things with his Moog gear, I always wanted to meet Bob.

Inventing the Neko finally gave me the opportunity to meet him at the NAMM show. He came over, checked out my invention, and said it was "pretty cool". Hearing this from him made the prior 27 years of insanity (many of you reading this will know that being a serious synthesist is just this side of madness) all worth while. I was being validated by my hero.

We had opportunities to see each other many times (often our booths were nearby). I treasure the time we got to spend together. Having lost a dad, I have a sharp sense of the value of getting to spend time with someone at his age. Life is short.

So Blinkman, I'm sorry we're not cool enough for you. If you ever want to attend one of our parties, maybe we can change your mind!

As for the company, Victor, Lary, and myself will try to do our best (along with the rest of our industry) to continue the pioneering spirit of a great man by producing more innovative products. And everyone else, please look past a press release to understand the spirit of what was behind it- we all knew Bob, we respected the hell out of him, and we want to share that feeling along with everyone else.

My Regards to kindred synth-heads everywhere.

Craig Negoescu
Chief Architect




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