February 12, 2006

FuzzPlus2.2 UB VST/AU now available...

by Chris Randall

The long awaited moment has arrived. FuzzPlus2 is now available as an AudioUnit effect. Head on over to the FuzzPlus2.2 page at the Audio Damage site and grab yourself a copy. Both the VST and AU are Universal Binaries, and the only requirement is OSX 10.3.9 or later. The Windows VST is unchanged from the last update.

In other news, while Adam works on the forthcoming 914 upgrade to 907A, I'll be busy porting our various products to VST2.4 and Universal Binary, and AU if warranted. My next project is a complete rewrite of Ratshack Reverb. We have much better delay DSP now than we did when we first released that venerable item. It'll be getting the same delay engine that powers DubStation and Ronin, along with some touch-ups to the EQ of the tail. It will also finally be ported to AU in the process.




Feb.13.2006 @ 1:42 PM
Very nice! I use FuzzPlus2 a hell of a lot. Glad to have it as an AU at last.

I gotta say it again: Great work. You guys kick ass. Every AD plug I have, I love and use constantly (well, I don't actually use DeVerb that much, but that's not because it isn't good...)

Two for the suggestion box (sorry, way off topic):

1.) Adapt the dubstation/ronin delay engine into something even more like an actual tape delay, with wow and flutter (I suppose that would amount to two LFOs, one with a faster range and one slower, with adjustable speed and depth), hi- and lo- cut, and saturation. Bonus: some kind of "bad tape" control to simulate the sound of very old, even abused and crinkled tape.

2.) Model the EH Poly Chorus



Feb.13.2006 @ 7:15 PM
Nah, what we need is a clone of the Marshall Time-Modulator!

Feb.13.2006 @ 7:47 PM
Chris Randall
That's weird. I saw someone else mention one of those recently. Quite frankly, it isn't a very good candidate for cloning, I don't think, for any number of reasons.

As far as tape delays go, the Dub engine is well-suited to the task. However, our biggest block of consumers are OSX Logic users, and that DAW comes with an excellent tape delay. (Although, it isn't a "true" delay like the Ronin/Dubstation engine, because it requires two parameters to set the time, as opposed to Dub's one.)

We're always thinking about delays, though, since that's our main stock in trade. I think our next one will be "hardware-inspired" but, like Dubstation, not a clone of any particular piece of hardware. It will be, like Dubstation, well suited to one particular task.



Feb.13.2006 @ 8:47 PM
The Logic Tape Delay plugin is not really all that great. It has some good features, but not a convincing sound. It lacks character.

Dubstation has character. If you added the traits of a rickety old Echoplex, that would be some good kit there. Do it right and I think a lot of people would love it.

From there it's a short step to multitap, and you're in the terrain of the Space Echo, Klemt, Copycat et al...

Sure would be nice...!


(apologies for hijacking the topic!)




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