February 9, 2006

Custom wooden modular synth...

by Chris Randall

Rykhaard Damien has created the D.A.M.I.E.N. modular synth from various and sundry boutique pieces and DIY plans. While we see a relatively large amount of synths that fit that description, none of them have maple panels and knobs.

There is a lot (and I mean a lot) of information on his web page about the various modules and what's in 'em. This was a great deal of work, no doubt.




Feb.10.2006 @ 9:17 AM
Good job cropping the Oxygen 8 out of that photo because it really pains me to see those two side by side. I'm no hardcore gear snob, but that plastic, lasts-a-day-longer-than-its-warranty piece of crap doesn't deserve to be in the same county as that maple beauty.

Feb.10.2006 @ 9:44 AM
Chris Randall
That was my thinking, exactly.



Jul.11.2007 @ 8:30 AM
Rykhard DAMIAN
Whoa. :) It's been a little while since the original and last comments were posted. ;)
D.A.M.I.A.N. is still growing and still made of wood. :D
All of the knobs on my beast are now made from dowels of Birch or Poplar. Each of them also have drawings on them to visually indicate their relative function in the machine. :)
I've also shifted to 1/4" thick Oak for my panels. :)

There have been 2 webpage address changes as well. I had moved my entire webpage to:

link [www.sdiy.org]">link [www.sdiy.org] - where I'd been given free space by a fellow modular builder. That site is still, fully functioning.

I recently bought my own domains - www.deathlehem.com and www.rykhaard.com. All of the data at www.sdiy.org/damian , WILL be moving to link [www.damian.deat]">link [www.damian.deatem.co...] in the very near future.

Great to hear your compliment on the wooden beast, especially in comparison TO the 'plastic .... piece of crap' Oxy 8, Wilson! :D (It DID start having problems, about 1 year after I'd bought it. :( )

Take care all,
Warmth and Peace,

www.sdiy.org/damian - my old modular synth webpage




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