February 8, 2006

Another Tragic Studio Story...

by Chris Randall

Sure, you all remember The Christian Studio, and you all thought "well, that's just about as nasty as things can get," right?


Pictured above is the studio of one Tapas Das, who is to Korg what Tom Gross is to Roland. The title of his page, if you're bold enough to click it, is (I shit you not) "Building A Studio Around The i30." I wish I was making this up. That's like "Building A House Around The Commode." (No offense to my dear readers who are employed by Korg; the i30 is not one of your shining moments, as I'm sure you are aware...)

48 channels of quality Mackie line inputs at mixdown, to gather together all the mud of his keyboard collection in to one place, and give it a little film of oil on top, like a gas station's parking lot after a rain. Man, I wish I could come up with a better metaphor, but I'm simply stunned stupid. Ethan Callender sent me this link, so blame him. I'm just the messenger.



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Feb.08.2006 @ 7:10 PM
Okay, I looked again. That's got to be a joke site, right?

I mean, there's no way that's a serious set up. And if it is, that guy needs to hire a better copy writer because the descriptions are teh suck.

Although, I'm a bit intriqued by what sort of harmonic creations Tapas Das has come up with.


Feb.08.2006 @ 9:57 PM
I was afraid that he didn't have a poly-800. No Korg-centric studio would be complete without one. I t looks like there may be one there leaning against the wall. Now that I mention it though, I kind of miss my poly-800. I wonder how much those are on ebay now....

Feb.09.2006 @ 1:54 AM
Suit & Tie Guy
Dave McAnally said:
"The Research and Study Room is an essential to any studio, if I'd said that once I've said it 1000 times..."

actually, the reference library of the STG Fidelity Sound Lab and its resources of back issues of Keyboard, EM, Mix, TapeOp, and Sound on Sound, in addition to gear manuals, 80s "MIDI and Keyboard" books, collected printouts from the HAMTECH archives on Hammond bass technique and repair, and *gasp* actual books about music ranging from theory to baroque ornamentation to music history to pipe organ construction to 1950s tube synthesis circuit manuals to composer biographies and pop/jazz real/fake books is a VITAL part of the complete STG Studio Experience, up there with the liquor cabinet, the Acid House Production Station, and a painting of the benevolent Sergio.

you can see the STG Fidelity Sound Lab Reference Library behind Alex the guitarist holding a can of orange Crush and a bottle of bourbon in this picture:

link [suitandtieguy.can.jp...]">link [suitandtieguy.co...]

hey Chris if you ever decide to make fun of my studio let me know and i'll get you some recent photos and give you some nice shots. you'd especially get a kick out of the M-Audio Duo right next to the BSS mic preamps and massive shelf of Hammond/Leslie parts.


Feb.09.2006 @ 8:00 AM
Look at him, he's obviously never had a girlfriend in his whole life. He would be a bland, micromanaging nightmare.

Feb.09.2006 @ 8:12 AM
I pray that a mixed drink involving Evan Williams never catches on.

Feb.09.2006 @ 5:34 PM
"All the information gathered from trade shows, product brochures, spec sheets, price lists are carefully alphabetized, placed in yellow hanging folders, and filed for quick reference. By accounting for every piece of paper, junk is never allowed to accumulate."

and a "Research and Study Room" ???? I like the array of remote controls and the cool "hi-fi" listening area

Im still taken aback and amused

theis guys totally rock n roll - wheres the "hot goth chicks room" ?


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