February 8, 2006

YA FMOF Update...

by Chris Randall

So, I assembled all the loops I've gotten so far, so as to keep this monster from getting away from me. It's really interesting how this is shaking out, when you hear them all as one piece. The more aggressive people naturally got theirs in early, and now the ones I'm getting are by people that are a little more methodical, so the piece as a whole actually flows in a coherant manner. It'll be interesting to see how the overall sound progresses as we draw closer to the deadline (which is Friday at Midnight PST, GMT +9)

This is a strange experiment, but I already know it's worth doing again. We've got submissions from all over the world, in several different distinct styles, yet they all sit together well, due to the common source material.

So, keep 'em coming! This is the new thread for posting your links, as well. If you have no web space, zip that bitch up and mail it to me.




Feb.09.2006 @ 12:37 PM
brandon daniel
Funny, I was just thinking, you know that all the guys that are waiting until the last minute to turn it in, they're all going to "end it", so the last couple of sections are going to end over and over again ;0)

Well, it's a possibility anyway.


Feb.10.2006 @ 6:39 AM
no nerves for that ,)

here's mine:

link [www.picturebox.bi...]">link [www.picturebox.bi...]




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