February 7, 2006

On Universal Binaries and other things...

by Chris Randall

Well, all seems to be well in Universal Binary Land. In the above screen capture, the BigSeq on the top is AU, the one on the bottom is VST. They were both built on an Intel Mac, and they're both running fine on a PPC iBook in Live 5.

We are in the process of tidying up BigSeq now, but it is, for all intents and purposes, done. The beta testers will have the final Release Candidate later today, and provided there aren't any major issues, you should see this for sale shortly. We're going to have some cool stuff coming down the pike as we make the transition to UB and Intel Macs. We're going to be updating some of our products in a major way as we do this migration. The first victim will be 907A, which will receive some major improvements. Discord 2 won't be far behind, then our other products will follow shortly thereafter.




Feb.07.2006 @ 2:04 PM
any prices set yet for the update of Discord 2 etc.?

Feb.07.2006 @ 2:11 PM
Chris Randall
Not yet. We haven't really talked about prices on those two. BigSeq is gonna be US$39.00, though.



Feb.07.2006 @ 5:26 PM
Got any casual benchmarks, Chris? The developers I've talked to have been really enthusiastic -- including, to their surprise, the folks at Cycling '74. Of course, they have more CPU-eating options at their disposal (like the benchmark from Hell!)

Feb.07.2006 @ 5:44 PM
Chris Randall
Casual benchmarks? This iMac is a fuck of a lot faster than I thought it would be. Plus, with two processors, it can hold an assload of plugins. BigSeq shows basically no CPU usage. Dubstation shows about a third of what it would on an equivalent PPC.

Quite frankly, they should have done this before moving to OSX.





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