February 2, 2006

Logic 7.2... oof...

by Chris Randall

We, along with every other AU developer on the planet, were caught with our pants down by Apple's decision to ship Logic Pro 7.2 today. Our UB timeline was based upon Apple shipping it when they said they were going to, which is a month and a half from now. So, needless to say, the Audio Damage UB AU products aren't ready yet.

I'm sure this came as a big surprise to almost all AU devs. The CoreAudio list is going to have some funny letters on it today.




Feb.02.2006 @ 6:01 PM
Jan Czmok
obviously they try to push the developers -- i dislike this step as the result maybe less working software and more beta-testing ...

Feb.02.2006 @ 6:12 PM
Wow, besides UB support, this is the most useless Logic upgrade ever. Kind of nice though actually. It saves me froom wanting to give them money.

Feb.02.2006 @ 6:12 PM
Chris Randall
Actually, it seems to me that they (like always) couldn't give two shits and a rolling doughnut about 3rd party devs. That's been the case with Apple since the days of the ][+. "What? It works? Ship it!"

Knowing what I know, I would say that it is physically impossible for 7.2 to have been thoroughly tested. To say that the time between 7.2 being made available to developers and it actually shipping is short would be doing a disservice to the word "short." How does 23-odd hours sound?



Feb.02.2006 @ 6:37 PM
Apple pisses me off with their bug fixing policies. I'm sticking with Live. At least they run public betas, and at least seem somewhat cogniscent of bugs. I might also upgrade my copy of DP as well since when they eventually put stuff out it's usually a bit stable.



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