January 28, 2006

UB In the Hiz-Nouse, Beyatches!

by Chris Randall

That subject will look funny in your aggregator, no doubt. Anyways, today was a semi-momentous day, as we completed the first Universal Binary build of an Audio Damage product, the AU version of Dubstation. After some issues, which I would liken to fumbling about in a dark room with a pair of sunglasses on, using a flashlight in which the batteries have gone almost dead, we (and by "we" I mean Adam) got it built and working. Still some nonsense to deal with, but we're confident that we'll have all our AU plugs in UB as soon as there are hosts to use them in.

We're still a little stumped on the VST side; we're not sure what works where yet, and we're literally in the dark until we have a UB version of Cubase/Nuendo to test on. If you read the VST dev mailing list, you'd know that most all OSX VST developers are currently schtonked by Steinberg's decision to completely throw us for a loop. This should be entertaining.




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