January 25, 2006

Low parts-count DIY VCF...

by Chris Randall

If you're looking for a pretty easy DIY project, I just came across this low parts-count VCF that looks pretty promising, done using vactrols. Here's the page. Everything is pretty easy to get, and I bet it could be done on veroboard or something without too much drama. I may build one this weekend, provided I can tear myself away from the two-headed hydra of coding and trying to get this comp out the door.



Jan.26.2006 @ 7:50 AM
What are Vactrols? Where d'you get 'em?

Jan.26.2006 @ 10:50 AM
Chris Randall
A vactrol is a combination of a light depending resistor (LDR) and an LED put into a small light-proof case. It's sometimes called a photoresistor or optoisolator. Small Bear has several to choose from.



Jan.26.2006 @ 6:16 PM
OK, I've built a trem pedal using a cds cell and an LED, I get it. Thanks, man, I'll check that out!



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