January 23, 2006

Fuzzy Fun...

by Chris Randall

As I mentioned in my previous post on the subject, the VST2.4 SDK was released on Friday, which caused us some consternation. I spent the weekend working with it to see what was what, and some bad news results. Here's what I learned:

1) There is apparently a bug in Nuendo/Cubase, where plugins built with the 2.4 kit that have MIDI input (which is basically all our plugs) can't advertise their inputs. This still works in most every other host, but Cubase/Nuendo can't see 'em.

2) On the OSX side, if you build a VST using the 2.4 kit, its GUI doesn't work in anything but new Universal Binary hosts. There is only one of these right now, VSTLord, which was ironically created by one of the Steinberg engineers.

So, VST2.4 is out right now on OSX, or with any Windows plug that needs MIDI. I've updated our FuzzPlus2 plug to 2.4 (and fixed a couple bugs in the process) so you can go grab it if you'd like, and see how your host does with the 2.4 kit. It works fine in everything I've tried it in, but then again, it doesn't need MIDI.

So, a minor change to my statement on Friday. We'll begin work on Universal Binaries on Tuesday, but we won't be updating our plugs to VST2.4 until Steinberg fixes the two bugs above.


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Jan.23.2006 @ 5:32 PM
This reminds me of my time spent developing against Autodesk APIs. They market every new API as the next revolution,but in the end half the functions are either unimplemented, undocumented, or broken. It really seems like this one should have been caught in testing. I thought the flash cut to the updated API sounded a little too good to be true (on Steinbergs part that is).



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