January 18, 2006

FutureRetro product revealed...

by Chris Randall

This little beauty is the FutureRetro XS, which I assume stands for "Xpander Synth." We were pondering last week what their NAMM announcement might be, and lo and behold, here 'tis. It's a prepatched modular monosynth which looks pretty fucking sweet. One oscillator, plus a sub. No MIDI, as it is built to give an extra voice to the Revolution or 777, or act as a voice for the Mobius, all of which have CV out.

Well, it looks really nice, and I bet it's going to be inexpensive and sound excellent, because that's the name of the game for FutureRetro. I'd like 8, please!


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Jan.18.2006 @ 11:07 PM
cool.. but would be way more exciting if it had the crazy 7 pole filter like the one on the 777..



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