January 15, 2006

Audio Damage PhaseTwo now available!

by Chris Randall

PhaseTwo can now be purchased for instant gratification. Go forth.



Jan.15.2006 @ 5:07 PM
Muff Wiggler
Yay!!! Congrats. I got mine just as this post went up here....great work guys :) thanks a million, been waiting forever for this one

Jan.15.2006 @ 5:26 PM
Chris Randall
You were the first buyer, too. ;-)



Jan.15.2006 @ 5:46 PM
Argh, I wanted the first one... you just *had* to post this during the Panthers game, didn't you?

Jan.15.2006 @ 5:50 PM

congrats, Muff, you backed up the talk. and like New England, my reign of terror comes to an end.

Jan.15.2006 @ 8:24 PM
Did I at least crack the top 10? I'm guessing not, but I'm holding onto a thin glimmer of hope...

Jan.15.2006 @ 9:01 PM
Muff Wiggler
hehehe I *knew* i'd be first :P

this thing sounds AMAZING, really, even smoother and thicker than I had been expecting. I'm ready to go record "Siamese Dream" now!

thanks again, top stuff Audio Damage!


Jan.15.2006 @ 9:45 PM
Muff Wiggler
i think it's time AD started making hardware.

I'd pay a small fortune for this (or most of the other AD plugs...) in a Blacet-compatible module.


Jan.16.2006 @ 10:08 AM
I swore that this year I was not buying/installing any more software, and really concentrating on the over-abundance that I have at present. But I love this blog, I love what you all do, and the price is more than fair. You will have my dollars.

Keep up the fine work.

Cheers, Puffer


Jan.16.2006 @ 10:10 AM
Muff Wiggler
same here. i was gonna spend all my money "on hardware" since I have all the VST I could reasonably need. But I'll be honest and say that this thing was sold to me the second it was announced. I think at this point it seems only AD, U-He and Ohm Force stand a chance or draining my hardware budget for the year.

Then again, it's always nice to be surprised. :)


Jan.18.2006 @ 9:59 AM
What a fantastic job you guys did on this. I had high expectations for this plugin, and you exceeded them. This is the smoothest sounding plugin I've ever heard, it makes almost anything sound better. My biggest worry is that I'll overuse it.



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