January 12, 2006

NAMM Rumours again...

by Chris Randall

A tidbit only, this little nugget from my favorite boutique manufacturer, Future-Retro. On the front page of their site, in with the NAMM booth news, is this: "we will be displaying all our current products
and the debut of our new analog XS prototype expander." Now, with the distinct lack of capitalization, it's hard to tell what that implies. Analog XS, I can get behind. "Prototype," we'll assume, is actually not in the name of the product. "Expander" implies expansion on a previous product. Maybe an extra voice synth for the Revolution? Who knows. Whatever it is, it'll be the shit, because Future-Retro is making it, and they're the shit.

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Jan.12.2006 @ 6:32 PM
I seem to recall a while back something about an expander for the revolution that added 777 functionality to it. Then again, that might have been a dream.



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