January 12, 2006

DIY Minimoog, round 28 (fight!)

by Chris Randall

The ever-charming and handsome Jeff Laity thought maybe I should mention the DIY Minimoog thread over at the Prodigy-Pro forums. If you're not familiar with the way things work over there, someone shows up with a piece of vintage kit and then a bunch of these extremely talented and knowledgable EE professionals jump in and start making hay of it, and the next thing you know, you have a bill of materials, some PCBs, and a handy forum for help. This is how the world got the GSSL and 1176 DIY projects, among several others.

They seem to be deciding to take on the Minimoog, as you'll see in the thread. This sort of thing is normally outside the Prodigy-Pro area of expertise, as the forum is heavily slanted to pro audio, not synths. But it'll be intriguing to see if it plays out to the end. Either way, if you're thinking of taking on a project of this magnitude, there are already a bunch of good suggestions and links to information you'll need. This will be one to watch.




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