January 11, 2006

Scoring contest...

by Chris Randall

Let me get something straight right now. If I could enter this, I'd not be telling you about it. But since I can't, being an old fogey and all, I'll gladly put it up here for your informational pleasure. Turner Classic Movies runs a contest every year called the Young Composers Competition. The prize is $10K and huggies from Hans Zimmer or something along those lines. You must be 18-35 to enter, and you have to be able to actually score music (that is, you must read & write notation) to win the grand prize, but it's not terribly problematic otherwise. You pick one of the four 1-minute clips of the available silent movie, and write a bit for it.

So, the contest page is here. Go forth, and garner the fame and fortune due you.




Jan.11.2006 @ 5:16 PM
booooooo......it's US only...

Jan.11.2006 @ 7:24 PM
I stumbled upon this website a couple days ago and I have to say this is a great site. I set it as my homepage so everyday when I log on it pops up. This is one of the most informal and interesting sites I have come across in a while,it's definatley on my top 10 list. On the flip side, I plan on entering the TCM contest. Im going to LA Tech right now to get a degree in scoring music for movies, and if this website would'nt have been here, I probably would have past it up. Anyway... keep the interesting news comin' cause I'll be here to read it! - kyle roop



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