January 7, 2006

DIY Crossroads. Just add mojo.

by Chris Randall

So I built a Dallas Rangemaster clone today. I used, as usual, the plans from General Guitar Gadgets, and ordered the parts I didn't have (namely the OC44 germanium transistor) from Small Bear Electronics like always. Took about an hour to build all told; I think this is the simplest pedal I've done yet. (I don't bother with a PCB for these easy projects; I just build 'em on veroboard. If I had a PCB it probably would have taken about 15 minutes.)

In any case, once I booted it up, I was sort of stunned stupid by the Cream-ness of it. As soon as I sent signal through it I realized that the sound is kind of played, which is a drag because I spent $7 on a transistor for it. It makes the Crossroads tone, and that's about it. If you play anything else through it, it kind of sounds whack, but if you play Crossroads through it, it sounds amazing.

After fucking with routing a bit, I got some really cool tones from Orange Squeezer -> Rangemaster, but I don't think I could pull it off live, as it involved a lot of knob twiddling on the guitar, and that's a drag in a live situation. So, word to the wise: don't bother with a Rangemaster unless you're in a Cream cover band. By the by, I have a joke for you:

Q: How are Ginger Baker and 7/11 coffee alike?

A: They both suck without Cream.


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Jan.10.2006 @ 10:52 AM
penzoil washington
"ginger baker" & "suck" are mutually-exclusive terms. he's also a very funny brit nutjob.



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