December 31, 2005

DIY '59 Bassman in a roadcase...

by Chris Randall

As the subject says. The blinding logic of this stunned me a little bit. One of the biggest pains of touring is dealing with the guitar cabs and their cases. (The biggest pain, of course, is the drum set and the alcoholic pedophile that drives it.) Why not build the amp right in to the case? Why not, indeed. This guy has built, from scratch, a '59 Bassman clone right in to a normal 2x12 Anvil case. No fuss, no muss. Visit his page for more pictures. If you want to build your own '59 Bassman, you can get the plans, parts, and lots of help at Hoffman Amps.

Speaking strictly for myself, I'd throw a grill over the speakers, but that's just me.


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Jan.01.2006 @ 2:32 AM
Makes sense, yes. Ugly? Yes. Hell yes.



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