December 29, 2005

Nice new stuff from Carl Martin...

by Chris Randall

They're not on the website yet, but Carl Martin just announced some tasty new pedals, the Crush Zone, Surf Trem, and of particular interest to us here at AI, the Red Repeat (obviously, that's what I've pictured above.)

It looks as though all three pedals are kind of re-branded versions of already existing stuff. The Red Repeat in particular seems to be a Delayla repackaged in vintage stylee. Well, it's from Carl Martin, so it can't possibly suck. 600ms, which is long enough to know you need more. Don't know the prices yet. Carl Martin will also be at NAMM, showing the Quattro, which is four of their fly-ass pedals in one pedal board, and the Custom Shop 50, which is a tube amp. All you need is a guitar, a tuner, and some cables, and Carl will take care of the rest, it seems.




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