December 27, 2005

Major collector dumping gear (you'll wanna see this...)

by Chris Randall

The only three words I can come up with to describe this guy's collection, in order, are "holy fucking shit." (That's special for MatrixSynth, where they feel I may swear a bit too much). This dude, whomever he might be, is selling a huge collection of highly desireable synths on the 'bay. Check it. I can only imagine what all that synthy goodness looked like in one room. He would have been the all-time Hard Core Gear Porn champion, I think.



Dec.28.2005 @ 1:15 AM
So, has he gone soft synth, or is he going through a divorce?


Dec.28.2005 @ 3:08 AM
Chris Randall
It says in a couple of the auctions that he doesn't use all this gear and he's making room.




Dec.28.2005 @ 9:06 AM
He not only has the right to say, "Who's your daddy?"... i think he's earned the right to say, "Who's your daddy... Bitch?"

Found it odd that he's selling all these modulars and rack mount gear, but almost no keyboards, save for a trinity. And a pair of Swiss Geneva watches... current bid: $19.99. You'd think with all this massive gear, he'd have a ton of small synths he'd want to get rid of too. Maybe that's gonna be auction #2.


Dec.28.2005 @ 10:15 AM
i want the mackie mixer .. oh yeah .. so i can run that Serge modular through it !!!!!!!!!

does he have enough samplers . 3 Z8s 4 6000s and three more vp9000s . thats alot of sampling power that he never used.


Dec.28.2005 @ 10:17 AM
This idiot is selling his Red Sound Darkstar, what a maroon.

Dec.28.2005 @ 11:42 AM
QSR for $499. Did that even cost that much new?!?!

Dec.28.2005 @ 12:25 PM
Aenemone Carbuncler
i've noticed this guy winning auctions on ebay for all kinds of modular gear for the last several years, so now it's all come back... at once!

Dec.28.2005 @ 1:48 PM
I'm the operator with my pocket calculator :)

The total price he set for the music gear alone, without shipping is for 113,785.94$ assuming that I didn't jump a line while typing!
"holy fucking shit" indeed.
A little swearing is more than apropiate in this case.


Dec.28.2005 @ 4:18 PM
weird how some of the stuff seems priced almost sensibly, then you have 600 minimum for a waldorf micro q.

that evenfall synth looks nice, though - i've never seen one in the flesh.




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