December 21, 2005

Customer Service Woes, Episode 199,343

by Chris Randall

As I've often metioned, I do most of the support for Audio Damage. Mainly, this involves getting people correctly sorted out on the Windows side, or figuring out what the fuck is wrong with the operating system on the OSX side. However, once in a while, a true gem comes down the pipeline. I wouldn't normally post someone's question here, but (a) it is incredibly unlikely that the person in question will see it, and (b) it's so endearing.

So, in the Holiday Spirit, I give you a letter from [name withheld]:

First I have to admit that I know nothing about music recording. I ordered an audiodamage substation for my son for Christmas thinking I was going to get the instrument that was pictured, but I guess the it's just a download. Am I right about that? And if so, where do I get the piece of equipment pictured? I know this may be a very naive question but as I said, I know nothing about this. Thanks for your response.

This definitely takes the cake for the best support email I've ever received, hands down. I definitely give the guy points for trying, and it is understandable that someone that has no idea of what a DAW is would be flabergasted by plugins that look like hardware.





Dec.21.2005 @ 1:45 PM
I wish all my hardware looked like a cartoon.

Dec.21.2005 @ 1:55 PM
Well, how about it, Chris? You should get cracking on that DIY hardware version of the DubStation.

Dec.21.2005 @ 2:19 PM
Suit & Tie Guy
i want to hang out with that guy.

Dec.21.2005 @ 3:15 PM
aw......I feel sorry for the poor guy...

Dec.21.2005 @ 3:30 PM

back in the dawn of consumer broadband days, we had a customer who was irate that we didn't tell her a computer was required to receive DSL service. at first, we thought she must of confused it with webtv type of service, but that wasn't it either.

this guy was quite nice about it and i have to applaud him for trying to get something for his kid as cool as the dubstation.




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