December 14, 2005

Sound Lab Mini Synth, Pt. 2

by Chris Randall

Quite a bit of progress on my Music From Outer Space Sound Lab Mini Synth today. I started stuffing the PCB, and after a couple hours I have all the resistors and most of the capacitors in, as well as all the sockets for the ICs. There's a lot of components on this little guy. I'd liken it to about the same amount of soldering as a PAiA Fatman.

I got a nice plastic enclosure at Fry's for it; I just need to paint it and make a decal for the front panel, and that'll be done. So, I guess a couple more four-hour days and it'll be done.




Dec.15.2005 @ 8:41 AM
Out of curiousity and never having done this type of thing myself, how do you make the decal and on what do you print it?

Also, how do find time for such projects? I know you have a job, a wife, make and record music, write a blog, play video games... so how do you fit it all in?

Seems like I barely have enough time for the job, the music, and the girlfriend. I'm curious as to how you manage your time.


Dec.15.2005 @ 11:08 AM
Chris Randall
You can buy decal paper from Small Bear that you print on with an inkjet printer. You then spray clear Krylon on it, and it works like any other decal. (Soak it in water, then slide it on, then let it dry, basically.) That's the way legending is done on most boutique guitar pedals. It's like $2.00 a sheet or so.

I'll answer the second part in a post later today, because I think others might find the information useful.





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