December 13, 2005


by Chris Randall

You kids know about this thing? From Anyware Instruments of Germany, this is a 2-VCO patchable analog, in the same neck of the woods as an Oberheim SEM module (hence the name, I suppose.) It has a whole slew of MIDI->CV stuff, and doesn't sound half bad, according to the samples on the website.

It is apparently 1200?, and I'm pretty sure I could get at least one real SEM for that, but then what do I know? Vishay pots, Neutrik & Switchcraft connectors, and there is at least one in actual existence.

UPDATE: one of the creators of this critter wrote to tell me the following: "uhm, the semtex is not a "SEM", it is more a modular system based on a SEM plus lots of things.. like
the semtex has 2 Vcos plus 2 Subs and 3 very fast envs..
(the SEM has no subOSCs, the semtex has 2 of them)"
Apologies, but I call 'em like I see 'em. A two-vco tabletop synth with the name "semtex" is gonna be compared to a SEM module by a lot more people than me.




Dec.13.2005 @ 6:52 PM
Jan Czmok
Well. This SEMTEX is a must. I fall in love the first day i was able to play a bit with this "beast".

It lives! Check out and check the SEMTEX
thread, IIRC you find also some samples.

Once i got more money, i'll definitely want one of those.


Dec.13.2005 @ 9:30 PM
"A two-vco tabletop synth with the name "semtex" is gonna be compared to a SEM module by a lot more people than me."

Particularly when it has "analogue synthesizer expander module" written on the front.

Interesting mix of British and American spellings there. A bit like the TITLE tag on the Analog(ue) Industries homepage.

But yes, 1200 Euros is an Expander and an AvrX and change...


Dec.13.2005 @ 10:12 PM
Chris Randall
Heh. That's a holdover from the old site, where I spelled everything "Analogue." Good eye. I'll fix that someday.

Viz. the other stuff, the company is German, so I bet American English and English English look a lot alike to them, in much the same way that German, Austrian, and Swiss German look alike to us.



Dec.14.2005 @ 4:11 AM
Did I say "Expander"? I meant "Evolver", of course. And you could get one of the latter, an AvrX *and* a x0xb0x for less than the SEMTEX (SemTex? Semtex? They're all there). But of course none of them are "as analog", I suppose. And you'd have to build two of them. And I repeat myself...

Dec.14.2005 @ 1:54 PM
penzoil washington
I used to have a Oberheim 4 voice, modded to death. Still, an SEM has an extremely limited range of sounds.



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