December 12, 2005

New Intel based iBook for January?

by Chris Randall

Think Secret seems to think so. And there's a bigger article as well. Normally, I would never buy brand new technology from a company with a proven track-record for fucking early adopters. However, needs must when the devil drives, and in this case, the devil will be Audio Damage releases compiled with the Universal Binary.

Plus, my iBook (on which I'm typing this very missive) is on its last legs. So Early Adoption it is. At least you guys will have me as a guinea pig, so you can watch me swear and rant before you have to plunk down the cash yourselves.




Dec.12.2005 @ 4:23 PM
actually, I too will be a Guinea pig as I'll be buying an Intel PowerBook as soon as it's released...... :)

Dec.12.2005 @ 10:19 PM
the harvestman
Hahah, good luck. Audio-wise, I suspect the Intel transition's going down in flames. I have access to one of those weird Intel Macs in G5 cases, and I think the technology is very promising. It's going to need a lot of serious work before it becomes a true replacement for PPC-based systems. Universal Binaries are nice and fast when run on that machine, but stuff like Itunes (which at that time was not a UB) shows some sort of sluggishness. Haven't seen how Apple's Pro apps run on it yet.

How they plan to adapt the rats-nest of Logic code to Universal Binary is beyond me. I still plan to replace my studio computer with a G5-based system in about a year and a half, regardless of whether they're still being manufactured at that point.


Dec.14.2005 @ 2:01 PM
penzoil washington
the early release of INTEL based macs seems like a cooked-up rumor, for which apple stockholders will be punished when (if?) it doesn't happen. AND, what on earth will happen to Altiverb? i'd seriously consider getting a quad G5 down the road to replace my dual unless things go considerably more smoothly and quickly than expected.



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