December 12, 2005

Alternate OS stuff for the MPC1000

by Chris Randall

I don't have one of these boxes so I shouldn't really care that much, but I'm always tickled when someone takes the time to make an alternate OS for something. Machinesound informs us of this site, which seems to have a couple different programs for the MPC1000. It's hard to tell what the hell is going on with the severe Engrish of the translator (e.g. "Loading those which convert the music data of the CD to the WAV to the memory of the MPC, being something which you play, it does") but I think there are three separte programs. Or maybe one program that does three things. Or something.

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Dec.12.2005 @ 10:23 AM
the mpc 1k is a bloody brilliant piece of hardware, it would be sweet if akai would divuldge the inner workings of the flash OS and let the nerds go crazy with modding out the system, I would assume they would sell tons.

That said this alt-OS scares the beJesus out of me, I don't have the guts to install it.




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