December 10, 2005

Phase Two Update...

by Chris Randall

Yes, it's time for a progress report on Phase Two, the next product from Audio Damage. Yesterday we hit a rather important milestone, as we froze the DSP code. It took a little longer than we had anticipated to get to this point, for a couple of reasons. First, while the switches on the Bi-Phase (and thus our UI) for the LFO shapes show sine and square waves, the actual waveshapes of the LFOs have little to do with those nice geometric descriptors; also, the shapes change quite a bit as the rate is increased. So it took a little bit more time to accurately emulate that.

The next problem we ran in to is that there are a _lot_ of filters in the Bi-Phase. We've modelled all of them, but it took longer than we expected to accurately tune them all to reproduce the Bi-Phase's distinctive character. There are filters on the input and output, and obviously a 6-stage phaser has six filters (and the Bi-Phase has two 6-stage phasers; hence the name), and there are filters in the feedback path for each phaser. So it took quite a bit of measurement, trial, and many errors to get it right.

So, the GUI part has been done for some time (as you no doubt saw on my last update.) That was grafted on to the VST itself yesterday, and I now have in my VST folder a fully working Phase Two with GUI. So what's left to do? Gotta get the MIDI stuff working (in lieu of the pedal, we've allowed the user to assign a MIDI CC to fill that role), gotta get the presets working, gotta _write_ the presets, then it gets ported to OSX VST, then finally to OSX AU.

So, I'm sorry to say that Phase Two will not be our last product of '05, but rather our first product of '06. Everything that is left to do is well-worn territory for us; nothing has to be invented, so it should go pretty quickly. I don't want to give an estimated date yet, but if I was a betting man, I'd bet on mid-January.

In other news, if you're in the Portland, Oregon area, Positron! Records (the parent company of this site) is throwing a release party for our Scanalyzer album, which will be out next week. The party is at Noir, it's tonight (Saturday, the 10th) and I'll be the DJ for a while. That's always amusing because it is, in effect, a goth/industrial club, but I can't be bothered to figure out all the bullshit synthipop that passes for industrial these days, so you can expect to hear none of that. So I'll spend a couple hours getting scowled at by fat chicks in black spandex while I pointedly play Shriekback and Iggy Pop songs.




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