December 8, 2005

Parker acoustic...

by Chris Randall

I've always been a big fan of Parker guitars, and have played them since the company started. I've owned a total of 7 different Parkers of all stripes, and currently have two. One thing I've always wanted was one of the original acoustics that Ken Parker made before he started doing electrics. (They're so fucking fly that one is in the Smithsonian, which is the only time I ever saw one in real life.)

Parker Guitars just announced they'll be selling an acoustic again. Pictured above, it is a thing of beauty, and has the normal Fishman bridge pickup (like all Parkers) plus a specially-designed Fishman humbucking neck pickup, which you can plainly see in the picture. The full-sized model will be $1999, and you'll also be able to get a thinline at $1499. Sign me right the fuck up.


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Dec.08.2005 @ 8:01 PM
That thing is dead sexy.

Now I want a classical version. (Yes I know they have the Select Nylon model, but that acoustic body is gorgeous)

Also, have you seen the new Guitar Craft guitar? It's modeled after ovations, but it is a beast in its own right. It's designed to be played in New Standard Tuning, though; which could either be a big plus (If you're Robert Fripp) or a big minus (if you're everyone else)




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