December 2, 2005

Pondering a new mic...

by Chris Randall

I'm in need of a new vocal mic, and the Red Type B keeps popping up in my peripheral vision every time I turn around the last few days. The price is certainly right at $450 factory direct. I like the fact that you can swap in old Neumann capsules if you so desire, and TapeOp (a magazine I trust implicitly) gave it a stellar review.

Questions I have:

1. When you buy it straight from Blue, does it come with a shockmount? I can't find anything on their site to say one way or the other.

2. Has anyone here used it? I can't find any user-talk except magazine reviews, which I normally take with a grain of salt.




Dec.02.2005 @ 8:00 PM
it says it comes with the shockmount


Dec.02.2005 @ 8:34 PM
Chris Randall
Shit, I didn't read that very well. It's $450, but you still have to buy at least one capsule, at a minimum of $250. So the actual cost is $700 minumum. Well, that takes the fun out of it.



Dec.02.2005 @ 9:34 PM
In addition to the microphone, the Type B also includes the Type B Accessory Pak, with Blue's high-definition 22-AWG Cranberry mic cable and Type B Shockmount.

Dec.03.2005 @ 1:33 AM
I've Got a MXL 2001 condenser mic with the Dave Royer Ammo Can mod - I would give it a full twenty-one digits up for performance. The only down side is that Dave Royer has resurrected Mojave Audio and is now selling commerical mics, so the kit is no longer available. If you do check out PSW though, the article with full schematics is available from the Tape Op section. You could add it to your plethora of DIY projects.

Dec.03.2005 @ 11:07 AM
penzoil washington
I've tried lots of under $1k LDC's and don't love any of them as vocal mics.... and what's with BLUE and their legal situation anyway? And where do they manufacture now? I've read conflicting reports.

Dec.03.2005 @ 4:42 PM
I can't speak to the merits of the Red, but choosing a microphone for your own voice based on any criteria other than how it actually sounds on your voice can be a mistake. I know I'm only pointing out the obvious, but you gotta try before you buy. This is perhaps more true of a mic intended for voice than of any other type of equipment. You could drop $15K on an ELAM 251 and quickly find it doesn't suit your voice as well as a $350 SM7. (In fact, that specific example is not at all far-fetched: I've chosen the latter over the former--along with a U47, U67, M49, C12, et al--several times in studios that had them.) And my experience has not made me better able to guess the best mic for a particular singer; I've found the voice + mic chemistry to be weirdly unpredictable.

Best to keep an open mind and try whatever you can get your hands on.



Dec.05.2005 @ 7:59 AM
Chris Randall
Yeah, definitely. They have a $65 a week rental program, and they knock the rental off the final price if you buy, which is a really handy way to try mics out. Most of the more esoteric companies have something like this.





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