May 30, 2017

New Kid On The Block...

by Chris Randall

Our habit, for the last couple years, has been to port our existing product line to Eurorack hardware. However, there is one product we have that is unique to Eurorack, our Shapes module, that I really wanted in the DAW. So, after we got done making Eos 2, I scraped all the Sean out of the project and got to work, moving the code from Shapes, and adding to it given the somewhat more expansive CPU real-estate available in DAW-land.

The result is what you see above, Grind. It can run both "wave" and "algo" modes of Shapes simultaneously (with some additions to both the waveform complement and the algorithms), and we threw in a huge raft of filters and a tempo-synced LFO because hashtag yolo. I was going to say that this is probably the first direct code port of a digital Eurorack module to a plugin, but I haven't looked closely at that SoftTube thing, so I couldn't say for sure.

In a nutshell, the input level determines which sample of the wavetable is accessed, and we replace the input sample with the wavetable sample. Then, this hot mess passes through the algorithms, which are mostly of the soft sat / clip variety, with a couple exceptions. After that, it hits one of the 11 filter algorithms. The filter frequency and wavetable can be hit with the tempo-synced LFO. It is a fairly unique distortion plugin, and incredibly capable. You can turn the wavetables off and just use the algos and filter and access the entire range of "analog warmth" tricks that we use in the plugin business, or go screaming acid banshee on whatever the input is. Add the wavetables to that, and it's a god damn nightmare machine.

Tonight or tomorrow I'll have a video overview of this bad boy up, but it is available for purchase now. VST/VST3/AU/AAX.

Speaking of AAX, while I was waiting for Adam to finish the Grind manual, I plucked some low-hanging fruit and ported our free FuzzPlus3 plug; while I was at it, I hit a couple little bugs. So FuzzPlus3 is now VST/VST3/AU/AAX as well. Get it here. We're going to have to do a version upgrade to do the same to Rough Rider, as it is not a JUCE plugin to begin with, so we have to essentially remake it from scratch. There's not a ton to it, though, so it should be fairly easy.

EDIT: It was, in fact, fairly easy. And is now done. Rough Rider is at v2, and includes AAX, VST3, and a new UI.

In unrelated news, working on my Summer Vibes EP. Like you do, while Adam lays out the PCB for [REDACTED]. More on both those things as they become pertinent. I also finally bit the bullet and bought a smoking new Kaby Lake PC (literally the day before Intel announces Kaby Lake X. Go team) and a glorious 4K monitor to peer at its innards with. That'll be arriving tomorrow, so system migration ho!

Anyhow, that was my week. What are you up to?



Jun.01.2017 @ 9:45 PM
thanks for the roughrider update

grind is nice if that's ok to say about a destroyer. just got it.. only just started going through it.. lot's of tones in there. a nice addition to color and mangle signal chains

Jun.02.2017 @ 2:26 AM
What were the criteria for the new workstation? How does one decide these days on which mobo/chipset to go for?

As there's no demo (not judging, just saying) and you had a hand in iZotope's Trash - what are the main differences?


Jun.02.2017 @ 5:54 AM
Chris Randall
@klemen: I just bought the most powerful machine I could afford. That's how I decided. :-)

As for the differences from iZo-land from Grind, I may have done the UI for Trash 2, but I have very little knowledge of how it works, and I don't personally use it. My understanding is that Trash 2 is essentially a convolution reverb, except all the impulses are stompboxes and amps and shit. I know a lot of people love it, but it doesn't fit in the kind of music I make; it always sounds very hollow to me.

But ultimately, multi-effects all have their own personalities at the end of the day, based on the choices the developers make and their own taste. iZo prefers a solid, predictable outcome, while we prefer things more on the edge. The products reflect this.




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