July 26, 2016

The Weekly No. 004: Techumenical...

by Chris Randall

Wherein your humble narrator opines on the merits, or lack thereof, of free shit on Craigslist. Also, a lengthy tirade on This Gear versus That Gear.



Jul.26.2016 @ 1:01 PM
Jeff 'Critter' Newell moved to LA, produced Blink 182. No word as to whether producing Blink 182 was what killed him.
link [superiorshit.blot.co...]

Jul.26.2016 @ 4:10 PM
That was great, I'd almost call it sweet.

Jul.26.2016 @ 11:40 PM
Makes me ponder whether the Commodore Amiga I was sequencing with at that time would have elicited a more or less emphatic "Pssht" than your 386 laptop. Because there's a stacked hierarchy of "Pssht" to correspond with the stacked hierarchy of gear. For the folks who crave sorting life into stacked hierarchies, anyway. Not me.

But I definitely would not have been able to use Master Tracks Pro for Amiga. The Passport rep sent me a free copy at the time, but it was too buggy to be usable. They abandoned it before the bugs were sorted out.

Jul.27.2016 @ 7:46 AM
Chris Randall
Some of the commenters on the YouTube video were like "Jesus, dude!" about my offhand reference to him being dead. But a whole lot of that scene are dead; I think I have 30-odd friends from my Wax Trax! days that either died of a drug overdose, AIDS, or committed suicide. It's hard to get worked up about it at this point.

What's kind of nice is thinking someone died, then years later finding out they didn't. That's happened a couple times.


Aug.02.2016 @ 10:09 AM
Adam Schabtach
Nice vid, nice message. "Tribalism" is a good way to describe the Mac-vs.-PC debate or any similar debate. I used to get into that, but now it just seems tedious and pointless. Use what works for you, I tell people, if pressed hard enough to say anything at all.

However, I'll remember this vid next time you disparage my JD-800.




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