June 14, 2016

Broodcast Journalism...

by Chris Randall

So Sonic State hit me up about doing a little tutorial video about Karplus-Strong when I was at SuperBooth in Berlin, the which I happily did. I totally forgot about it, to be honest, until Nick put it up on his site yesterday. I was noting on Facebook that I was deep in the Jetlag Timeslip when I did it, and it's actually relatively amazing that it's watchable at all, let alone fairly on-point and informative, as such extemporizing goes. (At least, in my opinion.)

But it lit a fire under my ass to do something I've been meaning to do for a long time. I have all these broadcast accounts and a commercial broadband hardline right here to my house, and it's certainly well within my means to do a fairly high-quality stream out of my office. I was thinking of doing a Twitch or YouTube Live stream maybe once a week, where you can AMA in the vein of the "10 Questions" videos we did a while back, albeit with more focus. Like "watch me patch this shit or fuck with Reaktor Blocks while I talk and answer questions and whatever" kind of thing.

I don't honestly know how it would play out, and I need to rearrange some things in my office and test some shit to get the best lighting/sound scenario going, but I think it might be fun for all. In that vein, some questions:

1. What do you think the best platform for this endeavor would be? I have a Twitch account, and it's all set up and tested, and I think the audio and video quality is better than sending the same exact encoding to YouTube, personally. However, YouTube is the larger platform, and Twitch is, of course, aimed at gamers. Open to ideas in this regard. It would be a fairly simple matter to set up a media server right here on the AD box and stream it direct, for that matter.

2. What would you like to see as the purview? Watch Crandall Produce Shit? Q&A? Lightly-scripted topic (like "10 Questions" or the video above where we just talk about a single subject?) I'm open to ideas. I'll try anything out. I'm leaning towards a combination of Watch Me Work and Q&A, with the caveat that I'll probably forget to look at the chat window.

3. What sort of schedule? Should I block time weekly for a strictly live affair, or could it be more random? I'm not doing any daily bullshit, that's for sure.

Anyhow, open to any and all ideas. Your comments and input in this regard will be most appreciated.


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Jun.17.2016 @ 6:28 AM
Chris Randall
Update: if you happened to be on Twitter last night, you may have seen my test YouTube broadcast go by. Some thoughts:

1. I got the audio crystal clear and excellent. However, the video was dropping frames. I _think_ this is because I forgot to plug in the laptop and it was running on batteries. The fan was really blasting, so it was working hard. But I'm not entirely sure where the fault lies at this point. I think I might lower the resolution to see if I can force a better frame rate.

2. For my test, I started with a blank patch with my Eurorack. It took me about 25 minutes to get to a listenable piece of music. I can't imagine how this was to watch; personally, I wouldn't have made it more than about a minute. But even with the limited promotion (basically just a Tweet saying "I'm testing this; watch if you want" immediately before I did it) I still had about a dozen people that lasted for nearly the entire thing.

I basically learned the following: encoding needs some adjustment to up the frame rate (unless it was just the battery thing), I need to work on the lighting in my office, and I need a lav or headset mic situation so I'm able to communicate while I'm doing this. I'll be testing more tonight and tomorrow, so if you happen to be in the neighborhood, stop by. My YouTube channel is here:

link [www.youtube.com]


Jun.20.2016 @ 8:07 AM
I've heard you describe KP in the past where you always took the time to describe Karplus Wrong.

Re: the stream .. Just wing it..

Jun.21.2016 @ 4:58 PM
Chris Randall
@inteliko I did so here, except Karplus Right is by far the less common way to do it at this point. I've given up. Everyone goes right and says it's left. At a certain point you just get tired of correcting them and agree that it's left, if only to move on. See also: "literally."


Jun.21.2016 @ 7:53 PM
Topics.. Efx voodoo.. Reverb voodoo.. Can I fake a doppler with AD fx like discord and panstation ? UI's and old farts who squint ( in particular a certain step seq, and it's a Big Seq Too ) Is it possible to create a fade in and out feature on reverb freeze instead of just on / off. Can a reverb have multiple freezes with individual control of the fade in and outs ( think this is the mojo behind that cloudy pitchy verb preset on the bigsky) ?

Any other votes on fx rituals ?

Glad to see AD blog isnt dead. I dislike social media and stopped with FB but I occasionally search the AD/CR tweets, refuse to open a twitter account though.

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