November 29, 2005

Back, and better than ever...

by Chris Randall

Okay, I'm back from "vacation" (and I use that term with the loosest of all possible conotations). A whole mess of DIY stuff showed up while I was gone. I've got the parts I ordered from Small Bear to build my Analog Industries Super Fucker pedal, which should be entertainingly painful. I've got my PCB from Music From Outer Space to build the Soundlab Mini Synth. I've got all the parts from Mouser for same.

So, some serious DIY is in store for this week. I'll warm up the Weller and get to work, just as soon as I figure out where the hell I'm going to put this Wurlitzer. I also have to read a week's worth of entries on all the industry news pages I normally peruse. That's gonna be fun. "Roland Releases Yet Another Piece Of Black Plastic With Virtual Good Stuff In It. Film At Eleven."




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