November 26, 2015

Octave Is...

by Chris Randall

Listen to the album "009909" by Chris Randall.

For those of you that don't follow me on Twitter, I let it drop the other day that me and the missus and our long-time web collaborator Mark Beeson made a thing.

From the embed above, it should be readily apparent what it does. And long-time readers will know exactly why we made it, so I don't need to go in to any lengthy explanation about that. Suffice it to say that we've been working on it for about a while now, and Octave is now open for business. We're addressing user wishes as they come in, so its purview is adjusting (and rather rapidly, it must be said) to the use cases that we, as professional musicians, need.

Happy to field any questions/comments here. One further thing: in conversation about the service with someone that didn't fully understand the point, I quipped the following: "Soundcloud is for musicians with fans; Octave is for musicians with clients."


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Nov.30.2015 @ 7:25 AM
dj empirical
I recently just let my paid SC account lapse to a free one. This is timely and good.

Dec.01.2015 @ 2:03 PM
Adam Schabtach
@blurk: Communication between the Audio Damage corporate officers occasionally breaks down because Chris keeps up on current slang and Adam doesn't.


Dec.01.2015 @ 4:39 PM
Chris Randall
True story: a couple weeks ago Adam asked me why everything was dope again all the sudden, when it hadn't been dope for some years.

I responded "dunno. Shit is dope. Whatever."


Dec.01.2015 @ 4:44 PM
Shouldn't that be "Whatevs" or am I still soooo last week?

Dec.02.2015 @ 7:21 AM
"Octave - Because SoundCloud is a garbage service for garbage people.™"

SoundCloud is industry standard, you like it or not. Even at 128kbs streams it's what people prefer it as even their cat know how to use it.

Octave is for people with clients. If you send octave link to radio/press they will not open it as they don't know what it is. Hope one day they know.

Dec.02.2015 @ 2:11 PM
Chris Randall
Protip: they won't open your Soundcloud link, either.


Dec.03.2015 @ 3:36 AM
Protip from label owner: They do and some even play music direct from soundcloud. A bit more advanced media people and clients know how to click Dropbox link. Then there is broadcasting scene that only understand FTP uploads. Good luck trying to get that crowd to adapt new service.

Who embeds tracks to website for clients?
I know many production companies that embed stuff, but they have their custom systems.

Dec.03.2015 @ 11:03 PM
A suggestion, if I might, would be some more obvious links to user content. As someone coming in with no preconceptions my thought was "great spiel, but what's it actually look like, where's the stuff?" It took me a few minutes to figure out I could click on the name of your example track to go to that page since the other graphics are not interactive. I couldn't click on the "Chris Randall" name there to go to the Chris Randall page though.

Is there not going to be a big button on the home page to go to content?

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