October 20, 2015

Instant Anger…

by Chris Randall

Eventide has finally released a native version of the Anthology suite of plugins. About half of them have been native for a while, but it's nice to have the whole set. They might seem a bit quirky to people that didn't spend every waking hour in a recording studio in the 80s and 90s, as most of the plugs are directly modelled on the Eventide Clockworks hardware equivalent, but that said, in many cases there is no equivalent commonly available. If you make IDM, in particular, this is a desirable collection; many of the plugs have Richard Divine presets that are essentially "Instant Autechre." (In point of fact, several of his presets are named as such directly.)

H3000 Factory is my favorite of the set. I use it when I'm closing in on the end of the production process, and there is a hole in the arrangement. You can run pretty much any sound through this plug, and just skip through the presets until it sits.

Caveat Emptor: I did the UI update for Ultra Reverb, and partial design for Octavox and Quadravox. (Ultra Reverb is another special member of this collection. Reverb as a creative tool, rather than a room-maker.) There's a 30-day special on this package for cross/upgrading that you should definitely take advantage of. For the price, probably the single best bundle of plugs available. 'Tis here.



Oct.20.2015 @ 12:38 PM
"run any sound through this plug, and just skip through the presets until it sits."
... But that's what I do with AD plugins!

Oct.20.2015 @ 3:30 PM
Duke Fame
I've been saving for an H9 Max. I always lusted over an H3000. I don't do Draconian copy protection. How pervasive is this "online iLok account" business? What would you do, H9 or Anthology X? Price range between the two at this time is same ballpark.

Oct.20.2015 @ 8:32 PM
Chris Randall
Welllllll.... I have an H9 Max (full disclosure: I got it as part of the payment for doing the UIs). While it is an outstanding piece of gear, you only have one. With the plugins, you have as many as your CPU can handle. So they're inherently more useful.

The algos in the H9 all follow the general layout of the $Factor pedals, so they're somewhat simplified. There's no way the H9 can match the complexity of, say, the H3000 Factory plug.

But on the other hand, they all sound excellent, and are "tuned" for live use. So it kind of depends on your general goals.

Long story short: I'd say if you have our stuff and Soundtoys stuff already, you'll probably be more satisfied with the H9 Max. You'll also prefer the hardware if you do something besides sit in front of a computer all day. On the other hand, if you work primarily in the box, and don't have all the AD and Soundtoys plugs, you'll be happier with the Legacy collection.

As for the copy protection, I just use the iLok dongle. Haven't had a problem with it on the PC. It is very problematic on my Mac, though. YMMV.


Oct.20.2015 @ 9:31 PM
you're welcome. (j/k of course)

i bugged the hell out of them for 3 or 4 years on the forum to get on the ball with the native versions. ;)

they all look great btw. quadra/octavox look especially great btw and the interface is extremely usable. thanks for that! they sound good doing karplus stuff btw.

stoked for this bundle at last!

Oct.21.2015 @ 11:50 AM
Looks like if you have UltraChannel (even if you got it free in the recent offer), it will knock another $100 off the price. Can't fully confirm that 'til I get back to my studio computer, but you'll see this under the Upgrade/Crossgrade FAQ.

Also, just to note, I only use the iLok software/web system (don't have a dongle) for UltraChannel, and haven't had any problems. *YMMV,* of course.

Oct.21.2015 @ 4:15 PM
UltraChannel does count as an upgradeable plug-in.

Oct.24.2015 @ 1:06 PM
That's fantastic the UltraChannel knocks off $100 off the price, considering they gave it away free a year or so ago.... I liked it a lot, don't use it as much as I should, because I move around studios and tend to "forget" my ilok for it at home or whatnot..(and I don't like carrying it around on my keychain, as seems to be asking for trouble...),
That's cool you did the UI update for the ultra reverb Chris, will have to check that out... as my main gripe probably with the Ultrachannel was it's gui, and probably just as it was a little small for my failing eyes... (btw, glad you hooked up with Bon, he and I spoke yesterday as we mess around together, and I told him how you were also doing all sorts of UID's for other companies, and he had no idea..... great guy, glad he is getting back into it after his "sabbatical"...:))...
I DO wish they included the Blackhole, if so, this would be a no brainer... I love Soundtoys, and their interfaces have been very musical for me for years, if I have Soundtoys 5, is this still a must buy in your opinion? On the fence, and with limited funds, know that I will either kick myself for missing this intro price, or be mad at myself for buying something that I can achieve through judicious and proper use of what I have, whether it be AD, Valhalla, Soundtoys, stock DAW stuff, NI etc...

And as much as I love hardware, the ITB recall with the amount stuff we are messing with these days, well, even though I have a H3000 or DSP4000 in a rack, which I will use, I tend to go for the ITB stuff quicker for latency, laziness, time consideration reasons, etc ... The H9 has been knocking at my mental door for awhile though, and have not heard a BAD thing about it yet...

Oct.28.2015 @ 12:37 PM
beauty pill
I have no dough right now, but I'm looking forward to getting this when I do.

- c



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