November 24, 2005

Behold the mighty Wurlitzer 112!!!

by Chris Randall

I'm posting from Fountain something or other, Arizona today. (It's a suburb of Phoenix. Fountain Hills? Something like that.) I drove over to my good friend Mike Fisher's house to pick up a Wurlitzer 112 electric piano. Man, this thing is a joy to play. Other than a slightly scratchy volume pot, and some wear on the corners, this bad boy is in top form. I can't wait to get home and start laying down tracks with it. Between the Wurlitzer Sideman and this, I have most of the tools an electronic band c. 1959 would be rocking the proto-rave with.

Tomorrow, I'm picking up a Matrix 6. Don't know what's in store with that, but it'll be a good start for my six-voice CEM synths collection I spoke of the other day. That should be ridiculous.




Nov.24.2005 @ 4:38 PM
The matrix 6 is way fun. I think the chips on a lot of them are crapping out now, though. Be sure to cycle through all six voices and make sure the envelopes and filters are doing as they should. But I think you'll like it...

Nov.24.2005 @ 7:24 PM
Aenemone Carbuncler
the Matrix 6 is the best late '80's synth! enjoy, it's expansive.

Nov.25.2005 @ 7:36 AM
Nice score! If you're interested in some inspiration, check out my all-Wurlitzer podcast at You cannot make those things sound bad, they are awesome.

Nov.25.2005 @ 12:45 PM
penzoil washington
Love the 112!
Matrix is pretty ho-hum, barely has any analog quirks at all, sort of like the later digital junos and jupiters, or even the mks80 for that matter, very dry.

Feb.20.2006 @ 3:24 PM
Hey! I'm new here!

I stumbled in here because I am about to (hopefully) acquire a Wurlitzer 112 and googling around for info on it.

I had a model 120 back in the late 60s and 70s but I (stupidly) gave it away in the 80s when I was almost exclusively playing guitar.

But besides wanting to know more about your feelings about the 112, I'm also curious to know if the Mike Fisher you know grew up in Massachusetts.




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