February 12, 2015

10 Answers, Riparian Edition...

by Chris Randall

Better late than never, right? My optimism about doing this at NAMM was ill-advised, and then when I got home from NAMM, events conspired to keep me from having time. Today, I finally had the opportunity. So, blatantly disregarding the level indicator on my digital recorder, off to the desert I went. Here's your answers. Enjoy!


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Feb.14.2015 @ 9:29 PM
I'll get back to you with that lengthy email early next week, Chris.

Mar.06.2015 @ 7:45 PM
You may not really want to know but the riparian zone is the vegetated area adjacent to the creek. What you are sitting in is actually called an ephemeral creek, a term I've always liked.

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