February 12, 2015

10 Answers, Riparian Edition...

by Chris Randall

Better late than never, right? My optimism about doing this at NAMM was ill-advised, and then when I got home from NAMM, events conspired to keep me from having time. Today, I finally had the opportunity. So, blatantly disregarding the level indicator on my digital recorder, off to the desert I went. Here's your answers. Enjoy!


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Feb.12.2015 @ 3:20 PM
crap finally get a question in, first question, one word answer. I need to word them so the answering requires challenge.

Feb.12.2015 @ 4:00 PM
Umm..have you considered auditioning for Jon Stewart's job??

Feb.12.2015 @ 4:52 PM
Chris Randall
Protip: don't ask yes/no questions. :-)


Feb.13.2015 @ 12:37 AM
Drums need to be a bit tighter, snare isn't quite right either. Vocals, although in tune are still nowhere near the original. Good start though.

Kidding... that was fun, though I think I liked the first one more. I was wondering about the actual man behind the curtain before these.

Feb.13.2015 @ 12:42 AM
thanks for showing us your riperian zone ;) if i might make a suggestion: more balloon animal making, for the kids. jfwy. good stuff Chris. got my ear to the ground on the new smg

Feb.13.2015 @ 7:26 AM
Chris Randall
coyoteous wins for best comment ever.

In any event, I can't be held responsible for the questions. That's on y'all.


Feb.13.2015 @ 11:05 AM
that was my poorly worded question about what songs you choose to release...sorry about that!

and my name is actually george michael and i only spend about 80% of the day bummed out.

Feb.13.2015 @ 1:16 PM
Always entertaining. And may I commend you on your impeccable enunciation of words beginning with "wh."

Feb.13.2015 @ 2:26 PM
Duke Fame
@coyoteous: I'm attributing your preference for Episode 1 on the out-of-frame dudes on choppers and good ol' boys shootin' guns, like Hollywood movies and shit.

Feb.13.2015 @ 2:30 PM
Duke Fame
Addendum: Also, that sequels are never better than the original, unless it's T2 or Star Trek II.

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