February 10, 2015


by Chris Randall

Just having some fun out on the porch today, thinking about what a Euro/tape rig for live performance might encompass. Many different organizations and promoters have asked me to perform modular sets in the last couple months, and I'm just poking around, thinking about how I might pull that off, in the interests of due diligence. Since some of my methods are a bit old-fashioned, even for the modular crowd, I thought it'd be interesting to some of you if I rolled camera while I was noodling. There's no musical statement here whatsoever. Just peeking around the corners, until inspiration either strikes or doesn't at this point.

Now, that said, I don't have any particular problem making process videos, if that's something people are interested in. I use a lot of techniques that used to be commonplace but are much less so now, and perhaps people find that sort of thing intriguing? I'll let you guys be the arbiters. A vote for "more process" would essentially result in tutorial videos with me extemporaneously blathering on about a particular technique. A vote for "less process" would essentially result in the usual "hands" videos I put up all the time.

Side note: I know I haven't done the 10 Questions answers yet. I'm a shit-heel. Wednesday or Thursday.


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Feb.12.2015 @ 4:36 AM
raoul duke
I'd also love to see more process videos.

Insight into your working methods/technique would be most appreciated.

Your 10 questions video was great as well. You are a funny dude who doesn't have a problem with speaking his mind.

Those two in combo make for great viewing...

Feb.13.2015 @ 12:49 AM
i would love to answer this question but for some reason there's this hilarious distracting orange button above the comment box that reads, "I'M WITH BOOBS"... WTF is this for a close encounter? lmao

Anyway,.. I like the Yin with the Yang. Perhaps a mixture of both, but certainly a process clip here and there would be most informative and much appreciated.

Feb.15.2015 @ 8:47 PM
More process. Most definitely.

Feb.18.2015 @ 11:58 AM
I'm with boobs.

Feb.18.2015 @ 12:14 PM
LOL, I just had to hit the button...Very cool to see the Nagra in action. I just made a loop for my Tascam 388 and I'm having some fun layering up loops from it in Ableton. I definitely need to invest in a splice block though, that looks so much easier than free-hand my splices. Hope to see and hear some more tape music from you.

Feb.18.2015 @ 12:49 PM
Chris Randall
I've got an interesting tape-music-process thing cooking right now. Hope to have it up this weekend. Here's a little piece of it.

link [instagram.com]

I'm gonna do two separate videos; one with the process, and one with the music itself.

Feb.19.2015 @ 9:13 AM
Very cool, here is my current looping set up. Unfortunately due to layout it will be tough to get a longer loop on the 388.
link [instagram.com]

Feb.19.2015 @ 12:03 PM
Chris Randall
That's funny. I was just wondering if a 388 could be used for this sort of thing yesterday. I could see building a little doo-hicky out of aluminum or something to use longer loops. Something like they use in this video:

link [www.youtube.com]

The things on the back of the machines with the weights. Something similar could be made that fit inside the 388's surround. Just a thought.


Feb.19.2015 @ 3:48 PM
That is way cool. I didn't even think about going vert. With a rectangle base it should give me enough stability to support the pulleys without having to attach anything to the 388. But if needed there are 4 screw within the base I could possibly use.

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