February 5, 2015

Splice Partnership...

by Chris Randall

As those of you who follow me on Twitter know, Audio Damage has entered a partnership agreement with Splice. As a result, most (soon to be all) of our products are available for purchase within the Splice interface, directly from Splice. If you sign up to Splice and invite two friends to join, our monosynth Basic will be added to your account for free. The details are on the Splice blog.

This is an interesting time for us; back when we only had a couple plug-ins, many of you will remember we entered in to a similar arrangement with Cakewalk. But the difficulties of managing licenses and what-not proved to be more trouble than they were worth, and we ended up ending that partnership nearly 10 years ago. (I still get support email about Cakewalk transactions, almost a decade later.) Since then, we've been approached many times to enter in to various sorts of agreements, from the plain-Jane reselling of the hideously-named Don'tCrack, to some incredibly Byzantine arrangements that, as one would guess, never got off the ground.

The difference here is that the Splice guys are cool, and they understand the Audio Damage Way Of Things. The service itself is a cloud-based backup and collaboration tool, but it deals in sessions (Live, Logic, Cubase, what-have-you) rather than individual files. It also has a social aspect, with the ability to share sessions, stems, and mixes in a manner similar to other music sharing services.

All in all, this is an interesting thing, and we hope good things come of it. One note: if you purchase one of our plug-ins through Splice, we will, of course, provide full support just as if you bought it through us. However, the license and its management are handled by the Splice interface and their support staff. Long story short: don't buy it on Splice then write me asking if I can move the license to your Audio Damage account or something. That'll be fun for me, like, once. When a plug-in is updated, your Splice interface will inform you. (In that regard, it's actually better than our system, where you're on your own as far as being informed of updates go, unless you follow me on Twitter.)



Feb.06.2015 @ 7:44 AM
Now I'll have to look at Splice again. I have an account there but not really investigated.

If it makes it easier to put stuff up for people to remix it might be a win. They seem like they're doing things right in general.

Feb.06.2015 @ 12:23 PM
Just got my bandmates to sign up. Thanks for Basic. Nice and clear synth...

Splice seems the most well implemented version of this cloud thing for music yet.
Ableton should have been all over this... But I guess they had to go where the money was... NI's success with machine meant Push was kinda inevitable.

And cloud services being successful depends on a huge user base and... Well, being sold to a bigger company.



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