November 21, 2005

Vacation Time...

by Chris Randall

Well, not a vacation so much, but I'll be gone from now until Tuesday next. My wife and I are driving to Phoenix for the Thanksgiving holiday, so I'll be posting infrequently for this week.

For my readers not in the United States, Thanksgiving is an American holiday where we rejoice in the fact that Indians were quite succeptable to smallpox when we caucasians first got here. And the second half of that thought is that, for those of you that live in smaller countries, the distance from Western Oregon (where I live) to Southern Arizona (where we're going) is about 1270 miles, or 2040 kilometers. The interesting thing to note here is that both states are in the Western part of this great nation, and there is only one state between Oregon and Arizona.

America is a large country.

A spot of fun news, though: I'll be picking up a Wurlitzer 102 electric piano in Phoenix. It is in minty fresh condition, and will become the Hub of my Analog Lifestyle. Pictures and such when I get a moment.




Nov.21.2005 @ 11:06 PM
Enjoy you trip. I'm in Phoenix and it's supernice this time of year.

Nov.23.2005 @ 1:47 PM
Well, if you're leaving town, then I really don't have any reason to stick around either. I'm out of here!



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