October 8, 2014

Sequencer 1 Now Available...

by Chris Randall

As the title says. We're "soft-launching" Sequencer 1 today, shipping on Friday. We got the first few units in the office today, and we're going to sell this little batch direct before we stock the retailers.

If you hit up the AD store, you can get a load of the feature list in the shipping v1.0 software. There is a fairly long list of feature additions that will be rolled in over the next couple months. The v1.1 version of the software, which isn't feature-complete or tested yet, has some ludicrously face-melting features that will essentially make this sequencer untouchable. Other than little stuff we've already mentioned, there are two marquee updates in v1.1 that will basically ruin all. I'm loath to talk about them at this point, as we haven't verified their stability yet, but... wow. Even I was amazed when Adam sprung this shit on me.

In any case, Sequencer 1 is, and will be for some time, our flagship product. We basically bet the entire company on this thing, and it needs to do well. If you live near one of our retailers you'll be able to check it out in person as we stock them. The manual will be up in the store by Friday, but honestly, it's pretty self-evident for the most part. If you're familiar with Elektron products, this will be a walk in the park for you.

If you have any questions about functionality or any of the features mentioned on the AD site, here's the place to bring it up.


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Oct.13.2014 @ 9:23 AM
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Oct.13.2014 @ 12:20 PM
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Oct.13.2014 @ 10:01 PM
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Oct.14.2014 @ 3:34 AM
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Oct.14.2014 @ 10:22 AM
Wow, I've never seen so many boobs all at once. Nice, considering electronic music related blogs and forums tend to be such sausage fests.

That's being said. I'm with boobs.

Oct.14.2014 @ 2:16 PM
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Oct.14.2014 @ 4:08 PM
Them knobs .... drool.....

Oct.14.2014 @ 5:11 PM
Considering Sequencer 1 borrows a bit from the A4, it might be cool to highlight some of the ways(if any) that Sequencer 1 can compliment, rather than replace, the A4 as a sequencer for a modular system.

Oct.14.2014 @ 7:31 PM
Chris Randall
Well... This is much more purpose-built. With the A4, the CV sequencer is like "we could do that too, so we might as well." This, while currently being more or less in line with the A4 right now, will end up being a much more sophisticated product, as far as CV sequencing goes.

This is largely a result of a couple of major features we have coming up that will really separate it; unfortunately, I'm loath to talk about them until we've finished them, so I can't really drive the nail home vis-a-vis this question until we announce. Suffice it to say, the A4 is much more general, while Sequencer 1 is designed specifically with Euro in mind.

Oct.14.2014 @ 10:22 PM
I'm with boobs.

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