September 18, 2014

Various Things And Stuff...

by Chris Randall

And now I want to start every sentence with a conjunction, in the hopes that it'll annoy Chris Killer. But that's just petty. Or is it?

Anyhow, this is my usual "here's what we're up to" post that I put up in lieu of having actual editorial. Adam is in Japan for the next few days for a well-deserved break from embedded programming, and I'm doing stress-testing on the (nearly) final software for Sequencer 1, looking for bugs. I made the video above while testing external sync and Seq1->Seq1 slaving. The video isn't meant to demonstrate those features, but rather while I was testing this nice little groove presented itself, and I thought I'd pop off a quick footage-chunk.

Other devs, do you find yourself making music while developing or testing? I do all the time. Most of the "experiments" or whatever I put up are exactly that: something I came across while either researching or bug-hunting. Another example of that very thing:

I wanted to test out the Granz Graf visualizer for M4L, and just threw a big stack of AD plugs in some various channels. Ended up accidentally a music. That's how these things happen, I guess.

As a return to the subject, a status report: Sequencer 1 is in production. It is being built by WMD in Denver. The PCBs have been made; they're waiting on the little octave up/down buttons, which are on back-order. The metalwork for the panels has shipped and should be here tomorrow or Monday. Software is in RC1. Basically, we're in it to win it at this point. Won't be long before you can buy this bad boy.

In other news, in the last few days I've sharted out a bunch of DRM removals and updates on the plug-in line (watch the Audio Damage Feedburner feed in your RSS reader of choice to keep appraised of that situation, or follow me on Twitter). I updated the UI of Automaton to be a little less Gameboy-hokey as well. Dr. Device today (barring unforeseen circumstances.) As with all of these, we're not doing any feature additions, strictly speaking, just bug fixes, DRM removal, minor graphic updates, signed installers, etc. So if you're not experiencing any issues with your particular iteration of one of our plugs, there's no real need to update.

So that's where we're at. tl;dr: Sequencer 1 a-building, will ship soon. Other shit.



Sep.18.2014 @ 9:06 AM
The sinister music and lack of human intervention makes me think the modular came to life on its own, and is...plotting. "At 2:14 a.m., the modular became self aware. In a panic, Chris tried to pull the plug..."

Sep.18.2014 @ 8:47 PM
x-mas tree, in the year 2000...

Sep.18.2014 @ 10:03 PM
nice one.

regarding "making music while developing" - i just put a bunch of tracks on bandcamp that are things i recorded a the muffshop while demoing modules for people on the demo system there. one take jams recorded in mono.

so, music while "working". not things i started out thinking "this patch will be a song" but things that were interesting enough to pull out the recorder and capture.

looking forward to seq1 hitting the stores as i'm sure you are too. looking good. and fun!

Sep.19.2014 @ 4:52 AM
I'm with boobs.

Sep.19.2014 @ 7:29 AM
Chris Randall
I would very much like Seq1 to hit the stores, as you say. We thought we'd be shipping it in 2 months, 7 months ago.


Sep.20.2014 @ 4:37 PM
That modular beat rumbles my innards.

Sep.20.2014 @ 6:23 PM
@CR - the first rule of Eurorack Club is...



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