May 10, 2014

Birth, School, Work, Death...

by Chris Randall


It's getting tedious saying "holy shit I'm working a lot sorry for not posting blah blah" but you all know that, so I won't bother reiterating the point. On Tuesday next, me and the missus leave on a much-needed vacation to Hawaii for a week, and then Adam and I are off to Portland for the TRASH_AUDIO synth meet / Muff Wiggler store grand opening, where we will (as it turns out) definitely unveil the next Audio Damage Eurorack product. This bad boy is not an effect, nor is it based upon any existing Audio Damage product.

(Nor will it be entirely done by the time we get to PDX; we'll be showing a prototype.)

Some non-Audio-Damage news, in no particular order:

1. My new album is nearly completed. It's actually been nearly completed for a while now; I have two tracks left to mix, but due to the sudden influx of Work Related Time Suck, they've been in that state for some weeks now. I hope to have it finished by this time next month. It is a full album, unlike my last few releases, and I'm pretty proud of it. IDM, of course, but emphasis on the D instead of the I, for a change. (Read: four can be found on the floor for the most part.) It is, to not put too fine a point on it, full of techno.

2. Our good friends Standard Beat Co. have a new sample set out, continuing their Dark Downtempo series with the fifth installment, which you can and should purchase here.

3. I guess it's just those two things for now.

In any event, this is an open thread, and since a lot of projects tend to come out this time of year, if you'd like to take this opportunity to do some self-promotion or talk about what you're up to, that'd be totally cool.


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May.22.2014 @ 9:49 PM
Give a listen to AC's Spirit They're Gone. When I listened to some of your Goo tunes, I immediately thought of that album. There are differences obviously but a general similar focus or "spirit" struck me. How's that for wishy washy.

May.24.2014 @ 9:05 AM
Forgive my dropping an ad for my own stuff in here, but I'm a longtime lurker and AD plugin fan and since Chris has given his blessing...

I have a mini-album (four tracks, probably) coming out mid-June. I'm going to let the odd thing out in advance, in dribs and drabs. First one is up on YouTube and Soundcloud now. Details are here: link []

YouTube: link []
Soundcloud: link []

As I say, first ever try at this, so any love or constructive criticism is appreciated. Thanks.

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