May 10, 2014

Birth, School, Work, Death...

by Chris Randall


It's getting tedious saying "holy shit I'm working a lot sorry for not posting blah blah" but you all know that, so I won't bother reiterating the point. On Tuesday next, me and the missus leave on a much-needed vacation to Hawaii for a week, and then Adam and I are off to Portland for the TRASH_AUDIO synth meet / Muff Wiggler store grand opening, where we will (as it turns out) definitely unveil the next Audio Damage Eurorack product. This bad boy is not an effect, nor is it based upon any existing Audio Damage product.

(Nor will it be entirely done by the time we get to PDX; we'll be showing a prototype.)

Some non-Audio-Damage news, in no particular order:

1. My new album is nearly completed. It's actually been nearly completed for a while now; I have two tracks left to mix, but due to the sudden influx of Work Related Time Suck, they've been in that state for some weeks now. I hope to have it finished by this time next month. It is a full album, unlike my last few releases, and I'm pretty proud of it. IDM, of course, but emphasis on the D instead of the I, for a change. (Read: four can be found on the floor for the most part.) It is, to not put too fine a point on it, full of techno.

2. Our good friends Standard Beat Co. have a new sample set out, continuing their Dark Downtempo series with the fifth installment, which you can and should purchase here.

3. I guess it's just those two things for now.

In any event, this is an open thread, and since a lot of projects tend to come out this time of year, if you'd like to take this opportunity to do some self-promotion or talk about what you're up to, that'd be totally cool.


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May.12.2014 @ 7:58 AM
Chris Randall
@kent: Weirdly, since this type of music is essentially all I listen to, it doesn't sound anything like Autechre or Richard to me. Which goes to prove the point that genres are fractal. The deeper you get in to a particular style, the more you can divide it, until each artist is a genre of one.

By way of saying: sounds like boobs. It nods to his earlier records, yet pushes his sound envelope out a bit. Which is as it should be. I mean, I can readily hear a track for the first time and probably pin it as Richard, or Ignatius, or Proem, or Autechre, or whatever, without knowing the artist beforehand. These guys tend to have a particular... something. In the same way that you can hear Dexter Gordon's distinctive way of tonguing the reed of his sax, or McCoy Tyner's left-hand chord constructions, or whatever. Every artist has something they do, and once you're familiar with it, it's pretty easy to pick their tracks out of a crowd.


May.12.2014 @ 10:10 AM
i'm downloading boobs' strays ep right now as it is the only one i can afford right now. aka it's free. ;)

and i think i'll email you a track of sorts, chris, since you asked me to make you some beautiful music, some time ago. :)

May.12.2014 @ 10:38 AM
dj empirical
I myself have an official EP release in the works, as well, under my sch├Ądel alias. It's kind of exciting for me, as I usually get distracted and let my music projects sorta languish in a permanent state of non-completion.

Here's a link to the pre-mastered versions, if you're curious to hear it: link [] . You'll recognize plenty AD sounds in there.

I'm also working on getting a setup together to do good-quality vids of my modular improv stuff, as I finally have a setup that's conducive to making interesting vids.

May.12.2014 @ 12:22 PM
well, there we go. "I'm downloading boobs" too.

I've got a new release myself: link [] - chaircrusher actually saw a live performance of some of this material, ages ago, in Michigan.

Been working on making patches for the (pretty much out now) P6 polyphonic digital synth: link []

It's a DIY synth, but complete and assembled units can be purchased. I need to re-record all of the demos on it, as some firmware updates happened that polished some of the character of the oscillators, filter, and output level.

May.12.2014 @ 3:30 PM
No particular key. The only restriction I placed on myself was 1 sound source engine (either a synth from the OP-1 or noise/seq from the little bits) and 1 FX engine (all OP-1 FX in these ones), with a linear sound path: source -> fx -> recorded output. And stop before you get to 5:14 :)

May.12.2014 @ 4:21 PM
Cutter Filtoff
If all the AI homies could collectively cross their fingers for me, I might have something to show on the AD table at the Trash Audio meet up as well.

I just realized I know boobs IRL and have for quite some time, but never made the connection.

mind = blown

May.13.2014 @ 12:53 PM
Adam Schabtach
I'll poke my head up from coding long enough to mention that this will be my first public appearance on behalf of Audio Damage, and my first appearance at an industry-related event since... um... Well, I think it was a NAMM show, and I was working for Cycling '74, and I believe that a still relatively obscure company named Ableton was showing version 1.5 of a still relatively obscure program called Live, and just around the end of the aisle from our booth was a new company called Hartmann showing a prototype of a new synthesizer called the Neuron...

Anyway, it will be a treat to be there and meet some folks IRL. If there are gonna be nametags (there had better be nametags), people should put their AI logins, their Twitter usernames, their MW usernames, their URLs, etc. on them. Otherwise, nobody's gonna know boobs from Adam, so to speak. I once had the faintly embarrassing experience of someone introducing themselves to me at a tradeshow and being faintly disappointed that I didn't recognize them. This person made the mistake of using their real name to introduce themselves, after years of effort to make themselves known online by their online moniker (at least in my perception). Had they introduced themselves with that name, I would have known them immediately.

The prototype that CR mentioned will indeed be available for hands-on interaction. It will be far from finished, but it will exhibit a substantial amount of its intended functionality--enough to even be amusing, if I may be so bold as to say so myself.


May.13.2014 @ 7:02 PM
small world. thanks for the boobs music comments. i'm happy people are listening :) i hope to be a genre of one at some point.

Adam - there will be name tags at the synth meet. :) kinda mandatory these days. it will be nice to meet people aftk/irl. it's always a fun surprising thing to put a face to name/online personality etc.

stoked for the proto AD product

now off to check out other AI member's releases!

May.13.2014 @ 9:33 PM
Chris Randall
Just so everyone knows, I don't wear a fucking name tag.


May.14.2014 @ 12:44 AM
He has his name tattooed on his forehead.

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