February 26, 2014

The Usual Wednesday Bullshit...

by Chris Randall

Time for an omnibus update. In no particular order:

1. I'm deep in the mixing for my next release, which is, as it happens, a full album, not an EP, and far more "produced" than my last few releases (which are mostly compendiums of improvisational stuff.) This thing is shaping up to be pretty slick, and full of techno. I'm pretty happy with it, overall. Lots of field recordings, lots of tape loops. No idea how long this is going to take, but we're making good headway. I have four songs mixed at this point.

2. The next module from Audio Damage, Æverb, is in production. Couple weeks away. While I deal with that, Adam is building the prototypes for our first "big" module. (And "big" is an understatement. 36HP!) I won't give anything away at this juncture, except to say that it has almost 50 panel controls.

3. TRASH_AUDIO's next synth meet is in PDX, on May 24th. Both Adam and I will be attending. We will unveil the afore-mentioned prototype at that time.

3. Avid got de-listed from the NASDAQ yesterday. Next step: bankruptcy, and they'll start selling off assets. We'll see how this shakes out. Korg might be jealous of Yamaha and Roland, both of whom have professional recording apps, and pick up PT. That's just a guess. I don't have any inside info.

This is an open thread. What do you want to talk about?


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Feb.28.2014 @ 1:30 PM
@Chris: Bitwig sure does output MIDI clock. That is how I synced my Analog4 in this here video. link [www.youtube.com]
In the controller section of the preferences menu, you just manually add 'MIDI Clock Transmitter' from the Generic menu and select your output port. You can add as many of these as you need.
The problem is, there is no delay compensation for said MIDI Clock, so I have to delay every other track in my project by the amount of input latency my interface introduces. Not a huge deal, but slightly annoying.
Or maybe you mean something else...

Feb.28.2014 @ 5:39 PM
Chris Randall
Ah, well, that's a step in the right direction. It wasn't there last time I looked. I'll try it out. But as you say, they need to add pre-delay to make that viable. I'll drop them a line to that effect.


Feb.28.2014 @ 6:47 PM
@klemen: Most of the software on Steam that isn't a game is stuff targeted at game development, especially a DIY/bedroom creator level of development. So the audio stuff there kind of answers the "where should I start to add sound/music to my game?" question for a set of users who might not have much familiarity with audio software.

Feb.28.2014 @ 10:02 PM
Adobe will probably eat the AVID video products, but I'm not sure they would be able to digest Tools. If they did make it part of the Creative Cloud subscription that'd get past the mess with upgrades
But Adobe have never been into hardware.

Feb.28.2014 @ 10:05 PM
@boobs (who I may or may not be with)... Honestly I'm not qualified to comment on latency when recording many tracks simultaneously; I'm generally a one-man party, so the most I do is stereo, and the only "live-on-the-way-in" plugs I use are guitar amp emulators (at 128 samples), and I can't hear any latency. I'm super old school with vocals-I have my preamp set up for hardware monitoring through my patch bay (mostly because I'm old and stubborn and have done it this way since software monitoring wasn't even an option!).

Perhaps I misunderstood what you were questioning; over the years I've heard lots of guys make generalized statements about how you can't use Logic for big, elaborate mixes, and nothing could be further from the truth.

Mar.01.2014 @ 11:37 AM
I personally wouldn't be surprised if someone out of left field bought Pro Tools away from Avid. Either a private equity group, or some company who purchases it to run it alone. It's not clear to me that there has been a lot of synergy style success combining a DAW with other tools, but there's no reason you couldn't make a good business just running Pro Tools well.

Mar.01.2014 @ 5:42 PM
@mitchell - the last time i paid attention to latency and the typical arguments that ensue between pro tools users and non protools users was a long time ago and it was probably some circular gearslutz thread. what they always said, the protools users, is that it's just way easier to record a full band with protools. all the mics on a drum kit, guitars, bass whatever other thing is going on.. and have headphone mixes set up and not have any latency in the headphone feeds because that obviously is a problem for the players. so, w/protools the latency was as near to zero as possible yada yada yada.. because the dedicated audio processing on the pci cards

so it's more about tracking/overdubs than mixing. but per CRs post perhaps that's not an issue w/current systems. i know large track counts are no problem at all w/mixing.. people do 50-150 track mixes on 2 and 3 year old imacs.

logic is still a pig for audio editing imo and not near pro tools in ease of use if memory serves. many still swear pro tools can't be matched for speed.

but regardless of the latency thing.. i think the protools user base is huge and embedded in music making/post production process at many levels.. so if avid sells that off.. someone will snatch up

Mar.01.2014 @ 9:33 PM
Chris Randall
I'm with boobs.

Mar.01.2014 @ 9:35 PM
Chris Randall
Let's talk some more about ProTools and Logic. I'd like to record a 150-theremin performance of a Dream Theatre song in Logic, then stem it to ProTools, add some sidechain pumping and a healthy wallop of L3, and put it up on my favorite services, Soundcloud and TuneCore.

Maybe YACHT can get in on that shit, too.


Mar.02.2014 @ 4:44 PM
CR - how is jordan rudess gonna play that many theremins at once? i think he'd be fine w/70 or 80 at once but 150 might require overdubs. unless of course you're talking about the new poly-thereminimoog.

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