November 19, 2005

New Metasonix Anal Tube Vortex (or something like that)

by Chris Randall

Pictured is the latest from Metasonix, the S1000 "Wretch Machine," hot from the floor of the Vacuum Tube Valley Expo. It will have an MSRP of $2500. According to the literature, it is all-tube, all discrete, Hz/V operation, with an optional MIDI-CV interface for another three bangers. No info on the Metasonix site yet, but I'm sure some incredibly foul imagery will be forthcoming shortly.



Nov.19.2005 @ 10:57 PM
Suit & Tie Guy
holy fucking jesus.

hey you gues should do an AU of my vintage Hammond Solovox tube monosynth. it will be _the_ indie shit in a year. trust me.


Nov.20.2005 @ 9:46 PM
It's a nice looking machine, but I'm curious as to what the advantages are to having tubes/valves in a synth...

Is it to distort the sound by overdriving the tubes? Is it just a gimmick? Or is there more to it?


Nov.21.2005 @ 3:16 AM

What you're missing is the fact that all metasonix(including this synth) have tube based circuits(meaning they are not solid state circuits with a tube thrown in for distortion) so it has a very different sound found in solid state analog synthesizers. There is no advantage persae to having an analog synth made with tube circuits as opposed to solid state circuitry, but the two have a very different sound so i imagine this to be a very unique sounding synthesizer. So in short, no the tubes aren't there as a gimmick, this synthesizer just comes from the school of pre transistor electronics.




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