November 16, 2013

It's The New Style...

by Chris Randall

Yay! A new module in our simple effect line-up, Freqshift. As the name implies, it is a frequency shifter. Originally coded by Sean Costello (ValhallaDSP) for us, and then extended by Adam, there is a ludicrous amount of functionality in this module. The manual is up at the Audio Damage site so you can read all about the various modes and how they're accessed.

It will be available next week at Analogue Haven for US$189.00, and at various other retailers the following week.

I've also bitten the bullet and made an Audio Damage page at Soundcloud so I can stop putting these modular and plug-in demos on my personal page. Follow that for a continuous stream of bleebles, blurps, and synth cricket sounds.

In further news, I've begun porting Phosphor to iOS; we're going to release several Audiobus-based effects over the next few months, re-contextualizing existing products for the iOS environment, but we thought it best to start with a synth. Since Phosphor is the only synth we have, there you go. This process will no doubt be tedious to my Twitter followers, as I live-tweet Adventures in iOS Programming. But at the end of the day, you'll have an extended version of Phosphor on your iPad for a couple of bucks, so deal with it.

In any case, if you want to know what the next few days will be like in my house, let me introduce you to a bag with 6500 knobs in it. This takes up a rather alarming amount of space.


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Nov.17.2013 @ 5:27 PM
Axon screams iOS.

Nov.17.2013 @ 6:48 PM
Chris Randall
@Sean: No, my parents are hippies. Card-carrying. I was born (in the Summer of Love, natch. In Hawaii, double-natch) to someone that has spent time in state prison for large-scale marijuana growing (like, recently) and someone who styles himself a Sufi mystic.

So, you know how kids generally rebel against whatever their parents are? Imagine where that puts me on the scale. Honestly, it's a wonder I vote Democrat.


Nov.19.2013 @ 1:59 AM
I seem to use same 444 system when i work from home. Four hours for day job, four for music/me and four for the family. Extrahours after kid goes to sleep goes for chill out or music. I get paid the same if i work 4 or 8 hours so it's good. In the long run the quality of work output is higher when i work less hours a day.

Nov.19.2013 @ 3:13 PM
So, how do these iOS music apps work? Are you targeting folks that would use it on the iPad as their sole production device or is there a way to connect to your DAW running on your main computer and treating the app running on the iPad as an instrument of sorts?

Disclaimer: I'm just diving in some of the softsynths on iOS, I picked up the Korg Polysix and MS-20. While fun to play around with, I haven't figured out how to do anything serious with them (or send patches I make over to the VST counterparts installed on my PC). I haven't shelled out serious money for a DAW like Cubasis ($50 seems rather spendy in iOS land).

Nov.19.2013 @ 6:55 PM
4:4:4 sounds like a Jackie Clay thing. She is queen of the sustainability world.

As far as modules go, you know that I'm waiting for a Karplus-Strong module. But, an additive voice would be nice as well.

- William

Nov.19.2013 @ 9:04 PM
Quiet Ovens
this looks and sounds great, seems different enough than the few freq shifters(perhaps it's essentially the Valhalla FreqEcho?) I think it should've been called that, the regen seems great! The lack of hi/lo outs seems odd but it doesn't go so low to appreciate that? Being just code why doesn't it go lower? Just curious, i assume it's a limitation. Regardless, looks fantastic.

Nov.20.2013 @ 1:39 AM
I gotta try the 4:4:4 rule, when things finally get stable around here. Right now, I am in punctuated equilibrium mode, to borrow one of my favorite terms from evolutionary theory:

link [en.wikipedia.or...]

This translates into a lot of time where I don't get much done, or am doing family or household stuff, punctuated by periods of rapid inspiration and working late into the evening. Trying to maintain this schedule without the use of any drugs is difficult. Caffeine is a crazy drug for me, and I need to avoid it, but it sure helps to push the broom.

Nov.20.2013 @ 6:25 AM
Chris Randall
@Quiet Ovens: Shifting below zero is the same as shifting up. Anyone that goes "lower" is fooling you. FreqEcho has a delay. Freqshift does not. Regarding the outputs, we only have one on this backplane. Nothing to be done about that. The way Adam did the mix knob, it covers 3 of the 4 possible use-cases, and the fourth one is, while something you might think you need, not something you would actually really use if you had it.

@theoryzero: I couldn't see using the iPad for anything but fun. And obviously, Phosphor as a VSTi is far more useful than Phosphor as an iOS app. It's really just an opportunity for us to make something cool for iOS musicians (and there are a _lot_ of them) and make some extra coin on existing IP, if I may speak in candor about it. You guys all know how I feel, in general, about using iOS devices to actually do real work, and my opinion on the matter hasn't magically changed.

Look at it this way: we _can_ do it, so why not? Free money for an existing product, and some people will find it useful. You don't need it, don't buy it.


Nov.20.2013 @ 11:04 AM
Chris, thanks for the explanation. I wasn't questioning your motivations, but just curious how iOS musicians do work with these apps. I could also see some people picking up the Phosphor app, liking it, and getting the VSTi version as well.

My new RME interface advertises a feature where it can connect to an iPad, but it wasn't in the way I expected. I thought it would let it connect and act as an instrument that I could add to my DAW, but it turns out the interface connects to the iPad to allow for multitrack recording without a computer. The iPad feature was not at all a factor in my purchase, but I was a bit disappointed after I investigated what it really did.

I know for my situation, it would be cool if I could make sounds with the Phosphor iPad app and be able to import them to the VSTi version. These days I do tend to spend more time using my iPad or iPhone than sitting at my computer. It would seem the Korg apps don't support this, not sure if it was something on your radar or not for future Audio Damage apps.

Nov.21.2013 @ 2:00 AM
raoul duke
I don't know how complex it would be to do, but Tattoo on an iPad would be chock full of shits and giggles.

Drum machines are very fun on iOS, and also seem to be very popular...

An easy way to transfer presets between the iOS app, and the VST would also be very useful.

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