May 31, 2013

Meet Mangleverb...

by Chris Randall

Hey, want a new plug-in? Why, yes. You do. And we happen to have one right here. Let me introduce you to Mangleverb. It's a reverb! It's a filter! It's a floor wax! It's a dessert topping!

In all seriousness, it's a VCF/VCA (with pretentions of analog-ness) with LFO and envelope mod sources, and it has the original Deverb reverb algorithm that can be placed either after the inputs or after the VCA. This is a surprisingly versatile combination, as it turns out. Ducking 'verb, ducking filter, "trance gate," heavy duty special FX reverb, tremolo, all kinds of stuff.

I will admit up front that we borrowed from the concept of the Vermona Retroverb Lancet, since eagle-eyed readers will point it out anyhow. We've never actually touched a Retroverb Lancet in real life, so this isn't a clone or a slavish copy or anything. We basically looked at pictures of the front panel and thought "well, that seems like a good idea."

One further note: this is our first VST2.4/AU plug-in to have a sidechain input. In all the major DAWs we tried that are capable of routing sidechains, it seems to work. A little dancing about is required in Cubase, and the manual talks about this. It works the best in Logic and Live, the two most sidechain-friendly DAWs.

Anyhow, Mangleverb is available now in the Audio Damage store. US$49.00 for VST and AudioUnit.


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May.31.2013 @ 8:21 PM
I been thinking the same about building a no frills T-resonator.

May.31.2013 @ 9:21 PM
Every once in a while you guys put something out that (to me at least) immediately says "Underworld". This would be one of those. Second Toughest and Beaucoup Fish all over the place.

Jun.01.2013 @ 12:23 AM
realllly nice gui. cool plug. can't wait to sick this thing on a mess in audiomulch. i love envelopes + reverb! fun.

Jun.01.2013 @ 3:01 AM
MacOs 10.6.8 works? I only see 32/64bit on site...

Jun.01.2013 @ 3:02 AM
Nevermind found it in the manual: 10.6 minimum. Great!

Jun.01.2013 @ 5:52 AM
Dessert? Whatever, this sounds more like my kind of plugin. Great example clips.

Jun.01.2013 @ 9:56 AM
OK I know I'm setting myself up for a beating but.... AAX?

Jun.01.2013 @ 10:30 AM
Adam Schabtach
@noisegeek - It wasn't deliberate, as far as I know, but Underworld is certainly a common influence for us since it's one of fairly few bands that we agree upon.

@johan - What about it? If you're asking, "will there be an AAX version of Mangleverb, or any other Audio Damage product?" the answer is no. Blame Digidesign; they burned the bridge, not us.


Jun.01.2013 @ 1:38 PM
With Ableton Live 9 I wasn't able to figure out the sidechain thing. I can't dick with it any more but if it works with sidechains, it would be nice if the manual had more explicit instructions along with pictures of what you mean. The Ableton Live sentence referred to things I wasn't seeing on the screen no matter what I messed with.

It's great soundwise, though. My first experiement with mapping a bunch of controls onto the APC40 was that it was instant Throbbing Gristle. And with it on a send, it's quite happy to keep making sick noises even when you aren't sending it any input

Jun.01.2013 @ 2:21 PM
Zero One
great sounding sonics - already used it on a mix -
can get nice and dirty - love it

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